101 Ways to Jump-Start Your Intuition - John Holland
“I’ve written this book to show you the many ways in which you can develop, access, and above all, trust your intuition. I’ve created 101 different ways to do so that will enable you to tap into this vital resource—one that is deep within all of us and that can be harnessed and trained. All you need is a little help to jump-start it, so you can use it in every area of your life.” – John Holland

Psychic medium John Holland, author of Born Knowing and Psychic Navigator, has created a 213-page book dedicated to encouraging individuals to access, cultivate, and ultimately trust their inner sense of knowing. Whether delivered through bodily sensations, emotions, inner-imagining (clairvoyance) or other “antennae”, Holland affirms that every person has an inborn guidance system known as intuition. However, noticing, developing, and acting upon Guidance can be another story altogether!

As a result, Holland has written a gift-book size introduction to the world of intuitive navigation called 101 Ways to Jump-Start Your Intuition. Each mini-lesson comes with its own affirmation or inspirational statement to complement and strengthen the 101 lessons. Some of these quick and easy lessons include:

Strengthening Your Aura -  As I strengthen my aura, only positive energy can enter my space, and only positive energy can go out.

When your aura is strong and healthy, it acts as a protective shield to help you stay emotionally and mentally strong and physically healthy, and also enhances your intuitive abilities. To strengthen your aura, maintain a balanced and healthy diet; try to get outdoors more often; breathe in clean, fresh air; exercise regularly; and go for a massage or bodywork. Take time to rest, relax, and meditate regularly. All of this will greatly assist in building your intuitive strength as your reinforce your precious aura.

Communication: I express myself clearly, and I do matter.

The throat center represents communication, expression, sound, and creativity. We have a habit of not speaking up, which can cause blockages. Humming, singing aloud (the shower is a great place for this), and chanting can assist in balancing this center, and the soothing color blue resonates with it. Imagine a beautiful blue sky before you, breathe in this color, and let it surround you and move through this center. Ask yourself, ‘Do I need to speak up or say something that needs to be said?’ Express yourself!

Seeing What You Feel: Everyone and everything is made up of energy.

Psychometry means ‘measure of the soul’. It’s the practice of holding someone’s personal possession and then reading the object. It’s as if you’re sensing or seeing through your hands. Ask a friend for an object that belongs to someone else. Close your eyes and give off the information that’s coming into your mind before your logical mind kicks in. What are you feeling? Are there any pictures, letters, words, or colors? Okay, now try holding someone’s business card—and see what you feel!

Mindful breathing and visualizing the movement of light appear in quite a few of the lessons in the book, so Holland appears to be a big proponent of those exercises. He also includes lessons on the 7 chakras (including a diagram in the back of the book) and the energy of colors. In fact, a chart explaining the meaning of ten different colors is also included in the back of 101 Ways to Jump-Start Your Intuition.

Some of the lessons seem repetitive, even using similar phrasing. Also, quite a few of the exercises seemed to focus on visualization and manifesting your desires. While Holland provides some sound advice in these general lessons, this book is geared more towards those unfamiliar with energy, chakras, intuition, and accessing inner Guidance.

If you’d like quick reminders on how to center yourself, access intuition, and follow Guidance, 101 Ways to Jump-Start Your Intuition does the job. It would also make a lovely gift book for those curious about honing their psychic skills. If you’d like something more comprehensive, however, I’d recommend Trust Your Vibes: Secret Tools for Six-Sensory Living by Sonia Choquette.

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