10 Secrets for Success and Inner Peace Cards - Wayne Dyer
“I’ve compiled this selection of cards to help you feel the peace of God that truly defines inner peace and success. Read these secrets with an open heart. Apply the ones that resonate with you, and discard those that don’t. Remember: When you feel peaceful and successful, you’ll want to extend those feelings to others.” – Dr. Wayne Dyer

The 10 Secrets for Success and Inner Peace Cards by Dr. Wayne Dyer is an inspirational 50-card deck based on the book of the same name. According to Dr. Dyer, the ten secrets for success and inner peace are:

1.Have a mind that is open to everything and attached to nothing
2.Don’t die with your music still in you
3.You can’t give away what you don’t have
4.Embrace silence
5.Give up your personal history
6.You can’t solve a problem with the same mind that created it
7.There are no justified resentments
8.Treat yourself as if you already are what you’d like to be
9.Treasure your divinity
10.      Wisdom is avoiding all thoughts that weaken you

Five cards are dedicated to each of these ten principles. These glossy cards feature subdued art in basic pastel cards such as periwinkle, sky blue, pale yellow and salmon pink. On the front of the card, the principle is written at the top of the card with a brief sentence at the bottom. The back of the card elaborates on the theme with a meditation.

For example, one of the cards reflecting the seventh secret There are no justified resentments says Release the need to be upset with others. On the back it says: Remember that anything you’re filled with resentment, you’re turning the controls of your emotional life over to others to manipulate.

Another card, depicting the ninth secret Treasure your divinity, says Know that you are a piece of God. The back says: You are a Divine creation—a being of light who showed up here as a human being at the exact moment you were supposed to. You are the beloved, a miracle, a part of the eternal perfection.

As with all of Dr. Dyer’s wisdom decks, you need not have read the book the cards are based on to be able to use them.  There is no booklet to accompany the 10 Secrets for Success and Inner Peace Cards, but the inspirational insights are self-evident.

If you’re the type of person who prefers substance over style, you may not mind the washed-out colors on these cards. However, if you’re spoiled by the more colorful decks released by Hay House, you may find the artwork quite bland. Still, Dr. Dyer’s wisdom shines through, as it always does, so if you’re a fan of his and of the book 10 Secrets for Success and Inner Peace, you’ll no doubt enjoy this deck.

Below are images from this deck, showing the fronts and backs of three of the cards:

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