The 12 Signs of the Zodiac
There are 12 Signs in the Zodiac. Each sign represents a particular psychological need and tendencies within the personality. The signs also have a planetary "ruler". Just like a Kingdom has a king or an empire has an empress, the 12 Signs each have their own celestial body which rules them. What this means is that the issues and areas that are associated with a planetary body is linked to the Sign it rules.

Until 1930 and the advent of telescopes, astrologers could see only 5 planets in the sky in addition to the Sun and Moon. As a result, each planet ruled two Signs. For example, Mars used to rule both Aries and Scorpio. After the discovery of Pluto, it was decided that Aries would continue to be ruled by Mars, but Pluto would now rule Scorpio. However, Gemini and Virgo still share a ruler (Mercury), as does Taurus and Libra (Venus). Below are the needs and nature of the 12 signs, the dates for Sun Sign, the symbols and its planetary ruler/s:

Aries - March 22-April 20
Needs and Nature: Self confidence, freedom, and leadership
Ruled by Mars

Taurus - April 21-May 21
Needs and Nature: Productivity and resourcefulness
Ruled by Venus

Gemini - May 22-June 22
Needs and Nature: Communication
Ruled by Mercury

Cancer: June 23-July 23
Needs and Nature: Giving and receiving emotional security and warmth
Ruled by the Moon

Leo - July 24-August 23
Needs and Nature: Creativity and self expression
Ruled by the Sun

Virgo - August 24-September 23
Needs and Nature: Analysis and organization/order
Ruled by Mercury

Libra - September 24-October 23
Needs and Nature: Harmony and balance
Ruled by Venus

Scorpio - October 24-November 22
Needs and Nature: Intense emotional depth and transformation
Ruled by Pluto

Sagittarius - November 23-December 22
Needs and Nature: Exploration and expansion of horizons
Ruled by Jupiter

Capricorn - December 23-January 19
Needs and Nature: Social acknowledgment and structure
Ruled by Saturn

Aquarius - January 20-February 19
Needs and Nature: Innovation and mold-breaking
Ruled by Uranus

Pisces - February 20-March 21
Needs and Nature: Belief and faith in transcendence
Ruled by Neptune

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