2009 Knock at the Door Wall Calendar
In 2004, Duirwaigh president Angi Sullins set a special poem to gorgeous paintings and lovely music, forming an online video. If you’re like me, you may have not only saw this internet sensation, but also derived great pleasure from it—passing along the like to friends and family all over the world.

In Spring of 2008, publisher Amber Lotus published a book based on this short film, and it now has another incarnation: the 2009 Knock at the Door wall calendar.

With lush imagery from eight different artists, including Sullins’ partner Silas Toball, this otherworldly calendar is both beautiful and functional. In fact, it’s the first wall calendar that I’ve ever seen that lists Pagan/Wiccan holidays throughout the year.

Each breathtaking painting measures about 9 x 9 inches, with a subdued yet attractive dark green textured patterned border. (With the border, the entire top image is about one foot square). Two uplifting sayings are printed above and below each colorful painting, written in white flowing script.

For example, a golden haired robed woman holding a wand graces a wintry, but warm scene for the month of March. The sayings accompanying the picture are “When was the last time you consulted your faerie godmother?” at top, and “At the edges of your vision, beyond the bend of your awareness, the faeries wait, eager to give your wishes wings” at the bottom.

The date part of the 2009 Knock at the Door calendar looks almost like a smooth, sand-colored stone with unobtrusive yet elegant design around the edges. The moon cycles are noted throughout each month, as well as significant international holidays (including Bastille Day and World AIDS Day), as well as religious holidays from the Christian, Hindu, Muslim, Jewish and Pagan traditions.

The Blue Moon is noted as is the Buddhist Wesak Moon, as well as notification of Mercury Retrograde periods (how cool is that?) American Federal holidays are also given their due, as well as lesser known celebrations and dates (e.g. the Dalai Lama’s birthday and Random Acts of Kindness Week).

For the environmentally conscious, you’ll be pleased to know that the interior pages of the 2009 Knock at the Door wall calendar are created from 100% recycled paper (54% post-consumer). In addition, the interior pages are printed using soy-based ink. Kudos to Amber Lotus being a member of the Green Press Initiative!

If you’re looking for an utterly gorgeous calendar to hang on your wall or give as a gift, I highly recommend the 2009 Knock at the Door Calendar. Providing contemplative sayings and calm reflection amid these busy times, this calendar will not only remind you of important dates and personal appointments, but also provide ethereal art to decorate your personal space throughout the year.

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