21 Distinctions of Wealth - Peggy McColl
“When we let go of our narrow ideas about what has value and about what we need in order to feel wealth, we stop feeling that we have to claw and fight for riches in this world.” – From 21 Distinctions of Wealth

Building on her outstanding previous bestseller Your Destiny Switch, author and motivational speaker Peggy McColl delivers the most sensible, accessible, and compassionate Law of Attraction book on the market with her newest offering 21 Distinctions of Wealth.

Peggy helps readers clarify what they value in life, as well as recognize the riches manifesting in and around them. From innate talents to great ideas, a willingness to work hard to boundless enthusiasm, 21 Distinctions of Wealth shows the many personal hidden gold mines that—when recognized and appreciated—can turn into other forms of wealth.

In addition to providing proven techniques to becoming a magnet for overflowing abundance, Peggy also presents compelling anecdotes, affirmations and a 21-day checklist for tracking your commitment to creating wealth.

Here are but a few nuggets I’ve highlighted in this engrossing book:

• “Never let someone else’s values influence you to feel inferior about your own.”

• “We manage the flow of abundance wisely when we’re in a state of positivity, like a gardener who carefully positions the sprinkler or aims a garden hose in the direction of the flowers instead of toward the sidewalk.”

• “As long as you’re clear on what you most value and what you’d most like to create in your life, turning up the volume on your emotion of abundance will attract the wealth you desire, in the form of cash, people, situations, opportunities, or other resources.”

• “If something doesn’t have value for you, don’t spend money on it, even if you *have* the money for it.”

• “The Universe is infinitely more inventive and clever in how it manifests abundance that we can imagine, but often we try to boss it around and force it to operate our way.”

• “Never feel that you have to spend your money a particular way just because others say you do.”

• “One obstacle to feeling gratitude and abundance that I often see people struggle with is lingering resentment over something that happened in the past that resulted in a diminishment of abundance. You must let go of the ‘loss’—whether it’s a divorce, a drop in the value of a home or financial holdings, or a friendship that ended.”

I am living proof that the techniques in 21 Distinctions of Wealth WORK. Here’s one example: beginning on page 113, Peggy explains how “many published authors begin with an abundance of passion for their subject, pouring it into a blog, a Website, or an organization. They share their wisdom and compassion with others through the media… Their goal is simply to ‘get the word out’, but their hard work and enthusiasm attracts the attention of a literary agent or publisher, and the next thing you know, they have a book deal…”

I am that person!

For years, I’ve freely published reviews on Amazon.com, as well as articles and interviews on my personal website. Some people wondered why I’d write “for free” for so many years, not understanding that, for me, writing reviews and experiencing fantastic books was not only a passion and great source of joy, but also a form of “wealth” for me.

Over the years, my reviews have put me in contact with many people in the media, some resulting in friendships. Well, a little over a year ago, I shared three rough chapters that came to me in a fit of inspiration (in the bathtub no less!) with an author friend. She thought the idea was so good, she shared it with “a friend” in the publishing world.

That “friend” happened to be the Sales and Marketing director at Hampton Roads Publishing, the same publisher that took a chance on Neale Donald Walsch’s Conversations with God book which went on to become a New York Times Bestseller!

Within days, this person emailed me that he’d like to talk with me on the phone; within a few minutes of talking with him, I had a book deal! (In fact, my book is already listed on Amazon.com and will be coming out in October 2008. How’s that for quick manifestation?!)

Now, if I hadn’t “followed my bliss”, as Joseph Campbell would say, or if I hadn’t put the many hours into honing my writing and expanding my knowledge (which, incidentally, also happens to be pure joy for me), I wouldn’t be where I am at. Like 21 Distinctions of Wealth recommends, I followed what felt good—what jazzed me and created feelings of accomplishment, a sense of contribution, and glorious excitement.

As Peggy astutely notes, “It’s the people looking for a ‘quick buck’ who peter out long before they get to the point of writing a book, because they just don’t have an abundance of passion for their subject.”

I can share other stories with you, including recently acquiring the other side of our duplex so we can have one big house. Our first choice of banks, the one that held the mortgage to the side we resided in, unexpectedly turned us down due to the unique nature of our housing situation (apparently, it’s rare) and recent stringent rules. At first, we were discouraged…especially my husband.

However, I kept positive. I knew what I DIDN’T want: yet another string of troublesome neighbors who didn’t have anything better to do than harass us for fun. So I called people all over the country, confident that we could secure financing SOMEHOW, especially with our excellent credit ratings. I ended up talking to a man thousands of miles away who pointed me in the right direction.

I’m pleased to report that we just closed on the other side of the duplex two weeks ago and my husband has already opened up the other side so we have one large house (something that’s also been a dream of mine!).

Now, I could have gave up and assumed that I wasn’t destined to have the other side. I could have “settled” for just having the side I’ve lived in for over a decade. But something within me rose up and said “No! I will have the other side of that house and financing will come easily.” Yes, I had to work to “find” it, but I was fueled by gratitude for the house we ALREADY enjoyed (despite troublesome renters next door), a well as our harmonious family relationships, plentiful love, good health and other blessings.

Being turned down by my first bank of choice was a blessing in disguise, because I ended up saving over $1,000 with my new bank just in closing costs!

So please don’t get discouraged if you desire a life of purpose, passion, joy and peace. You CAN transform your life through thankfulness, resourcefulness, surrender and the knowledge that all is truly unfolding just as it needs to for your higher good—and that you have a unique set of gifts that can furnish what you value.

I highly recommend Peggy’s first book Your Destiny Switch, as well as 21 Distinctions of Wealth. They are two books I consistently recommend to my clients, primarily for their accessibility, practicality, and Peggy’s infectious warmth. You can tell the she cares deeply for her readers and wants to “spread the wealth” for an abundant life. I’ll leave you with a quote from the book:

“Give unconditionally, serve others, and don’t put a limit on the riches you receive from the Universe in response to your giving. Trust that you can handle all that the Universe has in store for you, and that you can manage your wealth with grace and beauty. Hold on to your faith that it will flow through you to others just as it’s supposed to. I know that you’re going to make a big difference in the world in your own way!”

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