365 Energy Boosters – Susannah Seton and Sondra Kornblatt
“…According to HealthFocus International, an organization that tracks health trends, more than half of women between the ages of eighteen and forty-eight complain of lack of energy.” – From the book

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been dragging butt a lot lately. From what I hear and see, I’m certainly not the only one. It was with great anticipation that I read 365 Energy Boosters from cover to cover. This book did not disappoint!

Written in a fun, engaging style, 365 Energy Boosters offers a variety of ways to tackle lack of energy including using color, vitamins, herbs, music, quick yoga poses, breathing techniques, various foods, and much more. Here is some of the great advice you’ll find in the book to help boost your energy:

Don’t try to “catch up” on sleep (It can backfire and make you more tired)
Be a kid again (It can be freeing and energizing)
Pop a Vitamin B5 (It helps to unlock the energy in food)
Tap your spleen (Tapping or stretching the spleen meridian can balance blood chemistry, strengthen the immune system, remove toxins, and increase energy.)
Turn off all beepers, pagers, and cell phones (You know they suck you dry!)
Cut down on copper (Too much copper can cause tiredness)
Cuddle (Is an explanation really necessary?)
Watch your caffeine intake (It works at first—but then you pay the piper)
Laugh (Increases oxygen intake and just make you feel great!)
Figure out if you suffer from food allergies (Fatigue can be caused by the release of antibodies released because of allergies)
Balance Yin and Yang (Take note of your energy habits and whether you need to be more aggressive and proactive or laid back and receptive)
Work from your strengths (They’ve made deep grooves in your brain—use them to your advantage!)

There’s a lot of practical, sage advice in 365 Energy Boosters—truly something for everyone who lacks energy. I learned quite a few things from this book, including the fact that researchers have discovered a condition that’s like a reversed SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder). Now I know why I feel spacey and lethargic in the hot summer sunshine!

If you or someone you love is dragging butt and devoid of energy, get this wonderful 377-page book as a gift of love and an investment in well-being.

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