3 Sides of You: Unlocking the Way You Think, Work and Love - Sandra Seich
3 Sides of You by S. Seich is a unique book built around a personality test that is available only on the web. The test itself is called the Profiler  which is a self-perception inventory. The Profiler, found on Ansir.com, contains three sections of 56 questions (168 questions total) which test how you Think, Work, and Love. When you've finished the test, the results are a 3-sided profile and Boss Style. The possible combinations are 2,744, which makes for a very individualized assessment.

In the ANSIR system (ANSIR stands for A New Standard In Relating), an individual is assigned a Profile Boss. Boss determines Life Purpose; that is, this purpose draws together innate strengths and talents of dominant support Styles (the other 2 Styles in the profile that aren't Boss) and pretty much dictates and shapes these Styles toward self fulfillment. Life Purpose is never Thinking--only Working and Emoting. This is the drive and juice for our individual purposes. Five of the Styles find fulfillment through work (Idealist, Visionary, Healer, Philosopher, and sometimes Evokateur) and the rest of the Styles find fulfillment through the Emoting realm. Since it seems that the areas the individuals are most unhappy in are work and love, it makes sense that the Life Purpose Boss would be in either of those two realms.

According to 3 Sides of You, Thinking is a discernible, predictable pattern of balancing and applying knowledge. How individuals process order, solve problems, and rationalize outcomes. Working is the conscious application of knowledge according to acquired skills and innate abilities of individuals. Emoting is an unconscious response pattern guided by unique intangibles, such as emotions, feelings, and nature. Boss (Life Purpose) is your profiled "why"--your reason for being.

The 14 Boss Styles in the ANSIR system are as follows:

The Physicals
Extremist and Realist
Keenest intellect is through physical interaction.

The Instinctives
Scintillator and Sentinel
Keenest intellect is from muscular feedback/gut smarts.

The Logicals
Diligent and Sage
Keenest intellect is rationalization.

The Practicals
Eccentrik and Idealist
Keenest intellect is solution determination.

The Emotionals
Kinsmen and Empath
Keenest intellect is emotion sensitivity.

The Intuitives
Visionary and Evokateur
Keenest is emotion-based guidance.

The Spiritualists
Healer and Philosopher
Keenest intellect is self-reliance.

I've have taken many personality tests on the web and on paper, but I've never encountered a personality system that's based on self-perception and self-propulsion, and that concentrates on the individual as knowing what's best and why. Also, the ANSIR system is heavy on what's right with you as opposed to why you're defective and need "fixed". ANSIR maintains that there's nothing wrong with you--that it's a matter of removing reticence, and living your life as born and meant.

3 Sides of You: Unlocking The Way You Think, Work, and Love is a hefty 516 pages that gives you indepth and practical information on not only your own profile, but all of the ANSIR Styles. Sections in the book include indepth Profiles for each of the 14 Styles--in each of the 3 realms, as well as thorough information on Boss/Life Purpose, work attributes and occupation matches to plan a more fulfilling career, and Style compatibility.

If you take the ANSIR Profiler , but find your results inaccurate, this could be for several reasons. One reason is that you've been living someone else's life with someone else's ideas of what's best for you. You are encouraged to re-take the test until it fits, and the book is very helpful for understanding the profound and unique differences among the 14 Styles if you need more clarity on your profile.

I've owned this book since it first came out, as well as its precursor Rare Conversations that is no longer available. I've also been a student of personality for as long as I can remember, and I've yet to come across a personality system that is as affirming, eerily accurate, thorough, and insightful as the ANSIR system.

In conclusion, I highly recommend this book if you want to understand self and others, and if you've been short-changing yourself by living a mediocre life--and not living as born and meant.

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