52 Ways to Celebrate Life Deck - Lynn Gordon
“Don’t wait until you’re retired or on your deathbed to make your wildest dreams come true. In fact, don’t even wait until next week. Seize the day!” – From the deck

52 Ways to Celebrate Life Deck features 52 small, whimsical cards dedicated to celebrating life. The front side of these cards depicts a colorful image and state a particular theme. The other side offers suggestions on how to implement the theme of the card.

For example, the Life as Art card says:

“You life is like a work of art. Step back and see for yourself by making a collage. Start with a big piece of cardboard. Look through magazines for pictures that capture different elements of your life—the people, places, and things you love; the adventures you’ve had; your achievements and accidents. Add phrases, feathers, glitter, and pictures of your own. Include images that represent your inner life, hopes, and dreams. Find images to represent your bright side and others to convey your shadow. When you’re done, take a good look at this masterpiece of your life. Then give someone you love a guided tour. This life collage can be fun to make alone or with friends.”

Some of the themes featured in the 52 Ways to Celebrate Life deck include:

Why Not?
Guardian Angels
Sky Gazing
Comic Relief
Buried Treasure
Thank Goodness!
Ah, Wilderness!
Make a Splash
The Hills Are Alive
Sowing Seeds
My Day
Down Load
Big Time
Golden Years
Buddy System

52 Ways to Celebrate Life deck is a wonderful way to be grounded, appreciate life, and stay mindful. The cards serve as a reminder to enjoy the people, places, and surroundings that make up our lives—including our very own Selves! If you’re looking for a thoughtful gift for those in need of self-care or would like to keep in touch with the pulsating core in all life, this deck would certainly meet your needs. However, please note that the print on the back is rather small, so those this might prove problematic for those with sight difficulties.

Below are 3 card images from this deck:

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