YAY! You want to know more about us! Well, here's a really brief overview of who we are. Click on our pictures to find our more indepth stuff (TMI, in fact).
Mr. Ron (as I call him) has two sides: serious Ron...and goofy Ron. I bet you can't tell which is which. Since I'm the webmaster, tech gal AND his wife, I can write whatever I want about him. HAHAHA! Seriously, though, Ron's really cool. And talented. And kind. And reliable. And a good provider, husband, Dad... Yeah, you can say I adore this chucklehead. Oh, the short bio! Ack. Sorry about that. Well, he's a self-taught artist that can build, paint, sculpt or fix just about anything. He thinks he can play the bass, but he cannot. He works full time at a factory and has been at the same job for almost 20 years. We just celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary in August 2017, by the way. Mr. Ron is the artist for our Snowland Deck and Coffee Tarot (see, I told ya he was talented). You can see more of his art at RonBoyerArt.com, on his Facebook Page or on our Etsy Shop.
This is me. Janet. I've been the webmaster of my own domain (harharhar) for  over 17 years. Because I'm a control freak quadruple Scorpio. (Hey, don't look at me with that stink eye--Ron's a Scorpio, too! Annnnd we share an Aquarius Moon...). My bio is rather extensive so you might want to click here to read it all ad nauseam. The short version is that I'm a highly intuitive (rather obsessive) creator who loves to innovate. If it's been done before, I don't want any part of it. If it's been done poorly--and I can greatly improve it--well, it may just tickle my fancy to do so. But I rather start fresh (the most inspiring object in the world, IMO, is a blank piece of paper). I love my husband, our son, our kitties and our life.
And this is Mr. Noah. Gosh, do I love this guy! He's not only our son, but also our best friend and artistic collaborator. We greatly value his insights and opinions. He's funny, too! And talented. Noah graduated from High School in the summer of 2017 (I homeschooled him his whole life), and greatly enjoys history, science, music theory and reading. He took to the piano very quickly and wrote seven original pieces within the first year or two of study. His style is a delight! He's also created an original image for our Snowland Deck Majors-Only Edition (Chillaxin)--as well as several cards for the 2017 International Tarot Day Deck. He and I have a fab idea for a Tarot deck, so we hope to bring it to life some day (we've already brainstormed some cards). Noah also helped me brainstorm our two Charming Oracles. I plan on putting up his own page here, showcasing videos of him playing piano and his artwork. Stay tuned!
Well, well, well...what do we have here? Two naughty kitties, that's what! Ha! Nah, only Quebie, our 2-year-old black cat, is naughty (we should have named him Loki!). He is SO smart, though. He loves to play "tag" with Noah (I kid you not) and he says "hi" to us when he walks into the room. He also looks right into our eyes like he totally knows what we're thinking and saying. Stewart is our 13-year-old orange tabby who was born right under our bed. We adopted his Mom as a stray and--surprise!--she got pregnant before we could have her spayed. Stew is very gentle and sweet--and he can say "hello", too. Sometimes, he "yells" at me (it sounds just like a meow-growl "Now!") when he wants me to sit down so he can curl up on my lap and sleep. I "yell" back "You're not the boss of me!" (Not really, but it's funny to contemplate...) Anyway! I really should make a page for them, too. We'll see...