“The imagery and the affirmations of each wisdom card are designed to give a direction and focus to your thoughts. What you do not know right now can be brought to your awareness through study and contemplation, using the guidebook and wisdom cards, and through meditation and prayer. Because your unconscious mind is much more powerful than your conscious mind, tapping into your unconscious mind using these tools are an important way to unlock your greatest potential and bring clarity to previously confusing aspects of your life.” – From the Companion Book to this deck

While many people use Tarot for divination and fortunetelling, the true psychological and spiritual depths of the cards often stay buried. However, active meditation on the Tarot, as well as affirmations and contemplative journaling, can unearth magnificent revelatory jewels for the introspective, aware individual.

It is in this spirit that artist and author Pamela Wells created the Affirmations for the Everyday Goddess deck. Based on the 22 Major Arcana cards of the Tarot, each card depicts the strength, nobility and confidence of “everyday” women as a reflection of the Divine Feminine. However, Wells explains that the return of the archetypal Goddess spans culture, gender and beliefs.

According to Wells, the hallmarks of the reemergence of the feminine principle include:

• Learning to see behind your eyes
• Integration to form a whole
• Being in touch with your own body, imagery and truth
• Intentionality, synchronicity, paradox, self-nourishment, surrender and holding boundaries
• Exploring the inner world

Resplendent with vibrant color, golden borders and photorealistic imagery (especially garment fabrics!), each high-gloss card of the Affirmation for the Everyday Goddess deck displays a title and number at the top, with an affirmation on the bottom. For example, the unobtrusively printed affirmation on the Justice card is “I am truthful with others and myself and take full responsibility for my choices.”

Ms. Wells has done a fantastic job with the 110-page companion guide to the deck, providing profound insights on each card via essays, keywords, contemplative questions, quotations, exercises and a brief prayer. For those seeking to go deeper with the Tarot—in this case, the 22 Major Arcana cards—the contemplative questions are especially thought provoking.

Case in point: for the High Priestess (a card I drew once when using this deck), the companion booklet notes that this archetype says, “Step behind the veil”. “The veil is everything that limits what you know, value and believe. The veil is also any negative teachings that increase your fear and shame and that prevent you from learning more.”

Some of the contemplative questions for the High Priestess include:

• Do I know what intuition is?
• What is ignorance?
• What is darkness a metaphor for?
• What are the mysteries of the universe?
• What is the ultimate truth?

I have used the Affirmations for the Everyday Goddess several times over the last few months, and every time I do so, I find its wisdom illuminating, relevant, accurate, and centering. I’ve never used a Majors-only deck before, but this particular Tarot has eased its way in my heart in an unexpected way. I find that I am especially drawn to it when I need a good does of spiritual nourishment.

I highly recommend the Affirmations for the Everyday Goddess wisdom cards by Pamela Wells; those who are drawn to the feminine form and archetypal goddess energy—as well as those who seek to use the Majors for journaling, contemplation, prayer and affirmation—will no doubt be delighted and surprised by this unusual deck.

(Note: these cards measure approximately 5 ½ x 3 ¾ inches with a non-reversible backing that depicts a leopard among lush jungle leaves and a red-flowered bush).

Below are 10 images from this deck:

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