All You Need Is Love - Jewelle St. James
"So you think you've lived a past life with John Lennon?", my husband, Bob, would ask. Sensible, level-headed Bob. I would answer his questions with my usual question, 'Well, can you explain any of this?' I always hoped he could explain because I certainly couldn't. I hoped someone, anyone, could explain. But a past life with John Lennon? I'll let you be the judge. It all started December 9, 1980, the day after John Lennon was shot..." --From the book All You Need Is Love
I admit to being suspicious when I first picked up All You Need Is Love. I mean, anyone can claim to be the lover of a former Beatle in a past life, right? Interestingly, four years after she began inexplicably grieving at the death of John Lennon, author Jewelle St. James felt the same way: she was ready to hear answers about a past life with John Lennon if she could prove it.

Jewelle is from a small, mountainous Canadian town called Revelstoke, which is in British Columbia. Far from the busy world New York City where John Lennon was fatally shot, she nevertheless felt a penetrating ache of loss and even desperation when she heard the news of his death. Perhaps such feelings could be chalked up to the grief of a fan but, interestingly, Jewelle had no interest in the Beatles at the time.

The following day, her local paper featured an article by a traveling evangelist with the headline John Lennon: Was He Really So Great? The minister went on to say that John would spend eternity in hell, and that his upcoming sermon would be about the dangers of rock and roll. Jewelle had a strong reaction to this article, and immediately fired off a letter to the editor-something very out of character for her.

Over the next three years, Jewelle lived with her intense grief-confused and frustrated as to why she felt this strong connection to John Lennon. She bought a copy of the Imagine album, having never before heard it. When she listened to the song Jealous Guy, she experienced a vivid recollection of an ancient milestone nestled in rich green grass, the darkened granite reading "...miles to London".

Jewelle finally decided to confide in her Mom, who was spiritually minded...even psychic. Her sister Konni, also clairvoyant, helped clarify the details that their Mom had imparted.

All You Need Is Love follows Jewelle as she deals with confusion, frustration, hope, and determination-all while she attempts to track down the validity of the names, dates, and places she received from her Mom, her clairvoyant sister, psychics, a past life regression and her own channeled writing history. The story of Catherine James and John Baron is compelling-part mystery, and part romance. But underscoring this amazing tale is the experience of past lives: how their patterns often repeat throughout many lifetimes, how unfinished past-life business creeps into the present, and how one can actually heal emotional wounds and unconscious patterns by discovering elements of past lives.

The reader is taken along a fascinating journey with Jewelle as she researches genealogy and Sussex history, visiting England several times and having information confirmed. Weaved throughout her search is the tale of Catherine, son of a merchant, and her lover John Baron-a kindly young man of ill-health. We dance along with Catherine and John in the Great Hall, and trudge along in the thick mud with Catherine as she walks to the hospital to tend to the sick. We grieve with Catherine as she loses her beloved, and must then endure her cruel Aunt Agatha, who ends up drugging her with laudanum as a "cure" for her grief.

Jewelle's story is one of healing and hope-reconciling unfinished business of the past and moving on with a sense of purpose. And, as John would say, with a sense of love-for all you truly need is love.

After reading All You Need Is Love, I'm interested in finding out about my own past lives-something I've not even begun to look into. I highly recommend this engrossing and well-documented story of one woman's search for answers--and what that journey has brought to her present life thus far.

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