Ambient Support For Learning Working, and Creating – Tom Kenyon
Since 1983, Tom Kenyon’s listeners have been using his psychoacoustic immersion programs to create positive and lasting change in their brain capacity, mental acuity and creative power.

As a part of the Ultimate Brain Series, Ambient Support was specifically created for learning, working, and creating.  Research has shown that the mid-alpha brainwave state of 10 Hz improves learning, mental clarity, and relaxed alertness. Kenyon utilizes this brainwave state embedded in three different musicals tracks to enhance these states, and subliminal suggestions are imbedded in the music for stress reduction, increased motivation and improved memory.  This CD features over 60 minute’s worth of music and does not require stereo headphones, which makes this a great choice for background music when you desire to enhance concentration and creativity.

I’ve been playing the Ambient Support CD throughout the day while performing online intuitive readings. The music is very relaxing, and I noticed that my senses and concentration seem sharper while listening to this CD. The amount and specificity of the intuitive information that flows seems enhanced, as well.

I plan on using this CD while writing reviews and articles, as well as for background music when homeschooling my son. In addition, I certainly plan on continuing using this CD while doing online readings.

Because the BioPulse technology used by Tom Kenyon promotes altered states of consciousness, massage therapists, energy healers, Reiki Masters, and psychic/tarot card readers will be delighted with the soothing music on its own. However, the added benefit of positive subliminal messages and psychoacoustical support makes this CD a remarkable tool. Students who feel anxious about learning will no doubt benefit from this CD while studying, as would anyone working on a project requiring creativity and concentration. Thus, artists of all sorts will likely enjoy and frequently use Ambient Support.

Note: according to Kenyon, subliminal messages are messages that are just below the threshold of conscious awareness.  This recording utilizes auditory subliminal messages that import positive thoughts to the subconscious mind.  The brief and repeating script for the subliminal messages is as follows: I learn easily and without effort.  I retain information without stress.  I am motivated to learn and to succeed.  I find joy and learning new things.

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