The True Love Tarot - Interview With Amy Zerner
I had the wonderful opportunity to interview Amy Zerner, one-half of the magical, creative team known as The Enchanted Couple. Amy, an award-winning collage artist, and her husband Monte, a gifted psychic and writer, design beautiful, user-friendly oracular tools, meditation decks, and mystical kits. In this interview, we chat about Amy and Monte's newest Tarot deck, the True Love Tarot, as well as relationships and intuition.

Janet: Hello Amy! What inspired you to create another Tarot deck?

Amy: It's been 15 years since the Enchanted Tarot came out. After doing many thousands of readings over the years, we observed that the most often asked questions were about love. And, since we have a great relationship, we made it our mission to help other people bring true love into their lives. We wanted to put all the life lessons in this new deck and book that we have learned and that we have heard from others as we counseled them. We have heard so many stories, problems, and situations, that we had to share it.

Janet: Do you feel that it can "speak" to questions that are not related to relationships?

Amy: If you are familiar with the tarot, of course you can use this deck for any type of reading. But if you are asking love questions, the way you ask the cards and the answers you receive are all designed to give you direct and useful advice about your love life and your relationships.

Janet: In your companion book, you write "There is an art to bringing love into our lives. There are specific steps we can take to do so." Does this mean that you feel that everyone is destined to find a soulmate in this lifetime if they just work hard enough?

Amy: We do believe that there is "a lid for every pot", so to speak. That is not to say that your "soulmate" situation will be just like anyone else's. Some people like long-distance lovers, weekend lovers, or later-in-life lovers. But we see so often how people block themselves to receiving true love. They feel undeserving, or have had a bad relationship and are afraid to try again, or hear a parent's voice in their head that they should be other than who they are. They are not open to receive. Also, there is a big problem that many people don't know who they are, so how can they be intimate with someone else? We address all of these problems in the book. Lots of times, people have superficial expectations about looks or money or status, and that never works for true love!

Using the tarot is such a valuable tool- -it helps you "Know Thyself". Through this awareness, you can make healthy decisions in your life about who is right for you, whether to have children, how to make boundaries with family, and how to better understand the actions of the people that are closest to you.

Janet: The early buzz about the True Love Tarot includes some disappointment that the Minor Arcana cards aren’t illustrated like your other decks--The Enchanted Tarot and the Zerner/Farber deck. What contributed to your decision to make the Minors non-illustrated?

Amy: We were very pulled to design the deck with the pip cards done this way. As you know, I am a very prolific and dedicated artist, and could easily have created "scenes" for the pip cards. But we decided that what we came up with for the symbols of the four suits--Roses, Wings, Shells and Gems--coupled with the Key words on each card--to be what the reader had to focus on. Was it a Fire issue (action or passion), an Air issue (communication or mental conflicts), a Water issue (emotions and feelings), or an Earth issue (values and work) that is entering into helping or hurting a relationship? We want people to see the problem immediately and face it, and ponder it. That is also why we have them pick just one card for each question. We were committed to making it very easy to read and use.

And since relationships are all about people, I didn't want the reader to get confused by how a figure in the Minor Arcana "looked", so they wouldn't be thrown off the track. I picked the new symbols to put the reader in a state of mind that is reminiscent of beautiful enchantments, where true love lives.

Monte and I actually learned the tarot on the Marseilles deck many years ago- it is a traditional and powerful deck that has the pip cards as 10 swords or 5 coins, etc. There is certainly a strong tradition for artists to do the pips this way, and I wanted to try my hand at it. Going back to my roots, you might say. I had already done it the other way in The Enchanted Tarot. I am an Aries, and always have to do things a new way, or, in this case, a new old way!

In terms of relationships, we also believe that the Major Arcana cards are the most important ones, dealing with the true depth, breadth, and spirituality of the situation. Plus the Court Cards are very important in this deck, which will symbolize the person, either you or the person you are asking about. The Minor Arcana are more everyday matters that will pass more quickly. But it is the deeper issues that need to be addressed before you can make a relationship work.

I also made my art in this deck full of different races and cultures, too, in the Majors and Court Cards.

Janet: You guys have such a sweet energy with lots of sparkle. What do you attribute to the longevity and vibrancy of your relationship? You're celebrating 30 years together, correct?

Amy: Yes- 30 amazing years! We truly love each other more each day. We are so blessed. Our secret? Put the relationship first! It's really not work for us to get along. We really like each other a lot! We spend all our time together, creating, laughing, sharing our hopes and fears, and supporting each other. We respect each other so much. We hate to be apart at all!

Janet: I totally relate. That’s exactly how my husband and I are, too! Amy, what role does intuition play in relationships?

Amy: It is the key to everything. If you develop your intuition, you can be in the right place at the right time. You can read people and situations and choose how to respond. You can keep yourself out of trouble! So often people ignore this gift, and don't listen. We've all been there. The point is to trust it more and more. Then you make it stronger and stronger.

Monte is a really wonderful psychic. He has a way of talking to the spirit world. It is awesome! That is also how he writes in such a profound way that can answer so many questions.

We both work in a very intuitive way, and like to teach others techniques for doing that.

Janet: How important is loving Self to finding love with another? What ways can someone love their Self, especially if they've received messages that they are basically unlovable?

Amy: It is important, but it is a struggle that most humans have. Especially women- we are plagued with self-esteem issues. But when you truly love someone else for who they are (not for who you want them to be) it helps them to love and accept themselves more. And it also helps you to accept and love yourself more.

Being blaming, critical, perfectionistic, and superior will get you nowhere fast! And you have to forgive yourself, as well as others for their mistakes.

But, again, it takes self-awareness to know when you are sending out negative vibes; "I am ugly", "I am a loser”, "there is no one out there for me", "I am too old".,  etc. Those hurdles must be overcome before you can magnetize a healthy relationship.

There has to be some conscious re-programming and visualizations and affirmations done to overcome these bad habits.

Janet: You've no doubt done many relationship readings over the years. Do you have any surprising or fascinating case histories you can share that demonstrates the power of Tarot and intuitive reading?

Amy: The thing that pops out to me is when a single person asks if they are ever going to meet Mr. Right or Ms. Right. We often see in the cards that there is someone that they know already that is already around them that is very interested. We say, "Do you know who this could be?" They say "No! There is no one around me like that." This happens all the time! So I believe that lots of times, love is so close and people can't even see it, so they miss it.

Janet: Thanks so much for your time, Amy!

Amy: Thank you Janet! You are the best! You bring such valuable information, recommendations and insights to the spiritual seekers who are attuned to the magical side of life! Bravo!

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