Angel Answers - A Celestial Oracle by Juan Nakamori
“Our amazing Universe supports the existence of every creature on earth. Its nurturing care means that we are empowered and blessed with the elements and lessons necessary for our individual growth. In this respect, the message that you have chosen intuitively in this book may be one that your Higher Self wishes to send you.”  -- From the book

Bibliomancy is a form of divination that uses sacred books to obtain answers to questions. Derived from the Greek word biblos, which means paper or book, this form of oracle can be used with virtually any book. Lately, there have been several books created specifically for bibliomancy, and Angel Answers – A Celestial Oracle is one of them.

The messages contained within Angel Answers came to the author as sudden flashes of inspiration. She characterizes these messages as “inner vibrations, which I then tried to express in words.” Acknowledging that she is not the “true” author of this oracle, Nakamori credits a multitude of angels for granting her this most special, spontaneous gift.

You can use this book two ways to receive an oracular angel message:

1.Ask a question and open the book at random
2.Send a question to the Universe, wait, and whichever number between 1 and              174 comes to you, open to that page

Some of the celestial wisdom you’ll find in Angel Answers includes:

Cheer up others with your wit and charm. Encourage them with kind words.
Jealousy and attachment do not resonate with the vibration of the Source of love. Understanding and tolerance are at one with the Source.
Do not be afraid to reveal yourself. You will be rewarded with true freedom, like a naked child swimming in the ocean.
Your mission in life changes according to the level of your inner growth. Your current mission is to do as much as you are capable of doing now.
Allow the Universe to love you, to guide you and to support you. Always keep the door of your heart wide open.

I have used other books created for bibliomancy, and they have been a big disappointment—serving as mere quote books (and uninspiring ones, at that.) However, I have used Angel Answers – A Celestial Oracle several times already, and each time I received clear, comforting Guidance. I highly recommend this accurate book if you have an affinity for angels or if you’re looking for a book designed to be an oracle.

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