Angel Guidance Board - Doreen Virtue
“The Angel Guidance Board will help you receive answers and messages for yourself and others. This is not a game board; it’s a powerful tool to help you connect with the angels.” – Doreen Virtue

Angel therapist Doreen Virtue has created several oracle decks to aid individuals in contacting angels, goddesses, saints, and the Higher Self. Adding to these divinatory aids, she has now created a unique, accessible oracle called the Angel Guidance Board.

Measuring approximately 19.5 x 19.5 inches, the glossy, sturdy board comes folded in the box, in addition to a pair of crystal dice, four colored angel markers to move along the board, and a 49-page companion booklet.

There are twelve “spokes” to the circular wheel in the center of the board, each representing various areas of life or forms of inquiry. These twelve paths are:

• Home
• Romance
• Money
• Career
• Life Purpose
• Children
• Family and Friends
• Health
• Spiritual path
• Psychic Development
• Yes or No
• When Will it Happen?

After consecrating the Angel Guidance Board and quieting one’s spirit, the querent then focuses on the question or concern while looking over the twelve paths. Some questions cover one area of life, while others may cover four different areas, so it’s important to decide which path/s you’d like to explore for insight.

For example, if you’re pondering a change of career and you have a family, you’d likely want to consult the areas you feel will be affected—such as Career, Life Purpose, Money, and Children. If you’d like to know how the switch would affect your marriage, for example, you’d consult Romance, as well.

Taking one path at a time, place 1-4 angel markers at the center of the board, focus on the name of the angel at the base of the path, jiggle the die in your hands, and then roll them on the board or a flat surface. Move the angel marker along the path according to the number your rolled. Then, look up the word in the booklet to discover the wisdom the angels have for you. If you’re seeking insight on more paths as it relates to your question, then roll again and move the angel marker accordingly—until you’ve followed all the paths that you’ve predetermined as relevant to your query. The combined messages will give you a comprehensive commentary about your concern.

Before opening the box, I admit that I wasn’t expecting much. An Angel Guidance Board sounded a bit “fluffy”, so I wondered if it would be a general, superficial attempt at being a genuine oracle. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that this divinatory tool is accurate and quite precise, in addition to being attractive and easy-to-use.

I’ve used this oracle several times, and each time it has been specific, comforting, and accurate. However, one time I used it for a Life Purpose question and I thought I got a “wrong” answer. I couldn’t understand why my other queries were answered so specifically and insightfully…but not that one. So before I began writing this review, I thought I’d look up the insight once again. I was floored to realize that I had somehow misread the entry (thinking it was only speaking of technical writing in terms of science), when, in fact, it was also addressing using computer skills (such as webmastery) to bridge technology (computers) with esoteric information—blending science with spirituality to help others. This is exactly what I do when I write reviews and post them on the web! Turns out this bit of guidance was an amazingly accurate confirmation that I’m exactly on schedule with the path I’ve chosen!

The Angel Guidance Board is a beautiful, practical oracle for seeking insight from the angels regarding both mundane situations and deep spiritual concerns. Colored blue, green, purple, and amber, the hard plastic angel markers are adorable. (This may sound corny, but there is an irregular bubble inside each of the angels, and I think of them as “bubbles of joy”!) The crystal die are beautiful, combining clear and frosted glass. They are nestled in a bed of purple velvet, so this kit appeals to the eyes as well as the spirit. The Angel Guidance Board would make a wonderful gift for those who enjoy consulting oracles, as well as for those seeking the nurturing, supportive voice of the angelic realm.

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