Angel Medicine - Doreen Virtue
"Pass along this information: Healing energy is freely available to everyone. No one is specially gifted. There are only those who are free to choose to capitalize upon their inner strengths or to shrink from them." -- Doreen Virtue
When Doreen Virtue visited Santorini Island in Greece recently, she was contacted by a powerful group of angels calling themselves the "angels of Atlantis." She was then taken on an amazing spiritual adventure, where she uncovered the ancient secrets of the healing temples of the lost civilizations of Atlantis. Doreen soon realized that the information given to her by these Atlantean angels coincided with her previous healing work with the angels, as well as the thousands of case studies she had amassed over the years. Doreen also visited England, Scotland and Ireland, and received profound insights about ley lines, Stonehenge, global healing, and energetic portals.

Angel Medicine: How to Heal the Body and Mind With the Help of the Angels relates Doreen's exciting dialogue with the angels of Atlantis, Hermes, the stone spirits of Stonehenge, and more. Written in three parts, Angel Medicine reveals Atlantean healing methods, scientific studies and case histories on angel medicine and energy healing, and the importance of light, love, prayer and sunshine.

You'll also learn crystal healing with light, colors and auras, and how to cleanse the chakras with Raphael's "Deep Foam Cleaning" and Michael's powerful spiritual vacuum. One of my favorite parts of this book is the helpful information on etheric cord cutting. According to Doreen:

"Whenever we have relationships involving fear of any kind, we form an unhealthy attachment to one another. This attachment is like a leash that says, 'Don't change!', 'Don't leave me!', or 'Don't hurt me!'. These attachments are both palpable and visible when you notice them. I call them 'etheric cords', because they look like surgical tubing attached from one person to another. (In some cases, the cords go from a person to a material object that they're afraid of losing.) Etheric cords are hardened forms of dysfunction, which you can notice with your psychic senses."

Doreen explains how these etheric cords can drain energy without our conscious awareness, and how others can send us negative energy through this cord--often resulting in physical pain that appears to have no medical cause. Some simple but effective cord-cutting methods she shares includes:

*Cutting cords with the Archangel Michael
*Cutting stubborn cords
*Addiction cord cutting
*Cutting cords to material objects

Readers are also shown how to lift curses and daggers, remove entities and earthbound spirits, shield against psychic attacks, and sever vows. In addition, a comprehensive chart details the 15 Archangels and their correspondences such as:

*Meaning of the Archangel's name
*Aura color
*Related Crystal

A 5-page section is dedicated to crystal selection, and is arranged alphabetically according to ailment or issue. Over 150 ailments and issues are listed in this comprehensive section, including:

Autism: Tektite; gold
Blood pressure: Dioptase; bloodstone; turquoise
Cancer: Sugilite; rhodocrosite; flame aura quartz
Diabetes: Amethyst; owyhee japser; malachite
Energy (increasing): Peridot; jasper; amber
Fibromyalgia: Aventurine; imperial topaz
Grief: Obsidian; lapis lazuli; rose quartz
Heartburn: Fluorite
Money Issues: Jade; cinnabar; citrine
Performance Anxiety: Red tiger's eye; moonstone; aquamarine

Angel Medicine: How to Heal the Body and Mind With the Help of the Angels features case studies of angelic and energetic healings, as well as channelings from the angels of Atlantis, Hermes, Archangel Michael, and the stone spirits of Stonehenge. Doreen asked the wise stone spirits: What message would you like to give to me, and to anyone who reads your words?" I found their answer particularly inspiring:

"Reclaim your manifestation and healing powers immediately! Religious practices have discouraged individuals from seeking power by inflicting labels of heresy and treason upon them. The guilt and fear still permeates deep in the subconscious mind. This includes the fear of standing out, of being unique and distinctive. You've associated this attention with being vulnerable, so you sabotage yourselves again and again by not publicly addressing the truths and problems that you see. You rein yourselves in, and only allow so much attention to be cast in your direction before you hide in your protective cloaks...

The world is colder and darker each time an individual shudders from the thought of speaking up. Even if your message isn't well received, the properties involved with the message are spread energetically throughout the land for time eternal..."

Whether you want to heal yourself or someone else, you're sure to gain additional faith, inspiration, encouragement and understanding from reading Angel Medicine by psychotherapist Dr. Doreen Virtue.

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