The Angel Oracle Deck - Ambika Wauters
“We are asking the entire heavenly hierarchy to assist us in finding solutions to our problems and giving us insight into our lives and the emotional and spiritual processes we may be undergoing. They angels are there to help us reconnect with the Source. They are at our disposal and may be called upon at any time.” – From the companion booklet

According to author Ambika Wauters, there are three hierarchies of Heaven. The Heaven of Form relates to our everyday material life and contains the protection and love of Archangels, personal Guardian Angels, and Angel Princes who govern over specific geographic locations. The Heaven of Creation relates to relationships and contains the tender, merciful energies of the Powers, Virtues and Dominions. The Heaven of Paradise shows us how we can participate in co-creation with Source, and holds the glorious and powerful energies of Seraphim, Cherubim, and Thrones—the angels of love, wisdom, and glory.

The Angel Oracle is a 36-card deck reflecting these three Heavens, especially in terms of the gifts they provide to humanity and their angelic function. The cards reflect the three “suits” by differing borders. The 32-page companion book explains how to prepare the cards and how to ask questions of the oracle. Ms. Wauters provides three spreads (single card, Yin/Yang, and Past/Present/Future), as well as sample reading addressing a question of employment.

A few of the cards in the Angel Oracle Deck include:

• Archangel Metatron
• Archangel Uriel
• Guardian Angel of Children
• Guardian Angel of Health
• Guardian Angel of Creativity
• Guardian Angel of Spiritual Growth
• The Angel Prince of the North
• The Angel of Serenity
• The Angel of Discernment
• The Angel of Being

The card images are heavy on orange and brown coloring, and I found them a bit unattractive at first. However, after working with the Angel Oracle Deck for a bit, the cards exuded a classical, sacred feel in line with the spirit of the oracle. These cards are wonderful for connecting with Source energy and Divine love. From my experience, it’s an accurate, comforting, and healing oracle—and a great deck for anyone with an affinity for angels.

Below are 9 images from the deck:

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