An Angel Treasury – A Celestial Collection of Inspirations, Encounters and Heavenly Lore by Jacky Newcomb
“Angels are not restricted to any particular cultures or religions and, in fact, seem to be embraced by all.” – From the book

Throughout the centuries, angels have been a popular motif in literature, art and music. Most religions have a theology concerning angels, with some ascribing specific attributes and associations to each. In fact, some spiritual traditions even encourage interacting with, and praying to, these celestial messengers.

Known as “The Angel Lady”, author Jacky Newcomb has amassed a cornucopia of angel facts, mythology, theology, and personal experiences in her 331-page book An Angel Treasury. From frequently asked questions to angel quotes, healing stories to magical correspondences, An Angel Treasury serves as a reference book, comprehensive almanac, and inspirational guide. Some of the information you’ll find in this engaging book includes:

An alphabetical listing of hundreds of angels
Occupations and hobbies and their corresponding archangel helpers
Correspondence of angels and planets, directions, seasons, days of the week, crystals, candle colors, herbs, and more
Angels in culture (including art, films, movies, music, and TV shows)
Angels and children
Angel affirmations
Angel altars
Guided angel meditations (including Meet Your Guardian Angel)
Angels and the Zodiac
Fallen angels
Angels as guardians

An Angel Treasury is a treasure trove of life-affirming quotes, anecdotes, and historical lore. If you have a special connection with the angelic realm or are intrigued by these celestial beings and how they are connected to our earthly life, you’ll be thrilled by what this book has to offer.

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