Angelic Messenger Cards - Meredith Young-Sowers
“Life is abundance all around us, and the flowers symbolically show us the reflection of God. All our anxieties can find reassurance as we accept the blessings of the angels. We are guided with each breath we take; and through each heartfelt gaze into a flower, we do indeed hear the voices of the angels.” – From the Angelic Messenger Cards

When picturing an angel, you may think of winged cherubs or majestic tall beings that deliver messages and provide aid. According to author Meredith Young-Sowers, symbols and archetypes convey divine guidance to humanity, and one of the most powerful, simple, and exquisite form is through flowers.

Angelic guidance and delicate flowers may seem an unusual pair, but Ms. Young-Sowers harmoniously melds them together in Angelic Messenger Cards. Constructed of 48 cards with vibrant floral photographs by Judi Winall, the author’s model of spiritual energy forms the basis of this oracle. There are six aspects to spiritual energy in this template with seven cards related to each of these areas:

1. Reflection – Becoming aware of your divine self

2. Partnership – Growing spiritually in relationships

3. Integration – Establishing an inner harmony among the body, mind, and spirit

4. Alignment – Performing meaningful work that grows from your divinely inspired life purpose

5. Rejuvenation – Participating with nature in the cycles of life for your personal renewal

6. Nourishment – Choosing thoughts, foods, and emotional responses that give you spiritual fulfillment

In addition to the 42 cards from the six areas, Ms. Young-Sowers includes four Wild Cards of Divine Guidance and two Wild Cards of Abundance. In the glossy 220-page, full-color companion book, the author provides a comprehensive explanation of her system, as well as how to gain the most from using the Angelic Messenger Cards.

The companion book provides four sections of material for each card, including:

Present Challenge – Helps you identify your undercurrent of feelings that has caused you to draw this card

Angelic Message – A channeled message from Ms. Sowers’ guide, Mentor, whose focus and attention is on raising the spiritual energy of individuals on earth at this time

Spiritual Opportunity – Interprets the flower image on the card you have drawn

Application – Offers specific ways to further integrate and understand the message of the card

Ms. Young-Sowers does not provide the names of the flowers found on the Angelic Messenger Cards, believing that each bud and bloom offers a wealth of insight based on its color and formation. Through observation, stillness and openness, these delicate messengers can promote spiritual advancement and deliver penetrating insights about ourselves, others, and life.

When I first saw the attractively packaged Angelic Messenger Cards set, I had my reservations about how well it would work as an oracle. I have often received messages from birds, trees, and other elements of nature—but never “tuned in” to flowers (despite admiring them!). And, I couldn’t understand what flowers had to do with angels—wondering if such a pairing would seem forced or superficial.

Because Ms. Young-Sowers holistic system offers breadth and depth to the subtle arena of energy, love, and well-being, I began to see how such an oracle could potentially work quite well. To my amazement, when I did two separate one-card draws with this deck, I received uncannily *specific* insight that was directly related to my questions!

Although I’ve only used the Angelic Messenger Cards for one-card spreads, Ms. Young-Sowers offers other layouts in the companion book, including a six-card “Opening to the Energy of Love Spread”. For this particular layout, the author recommends dividing the deck according to the six “suits”, then drawing a card from each group. She writes:

“Much like a physical X-ray, the guidance you receive spiritually from [this] spread gives you a means of evaluating your progress in matters that are not so easily measured but are the crucial basis for your health and well-being.”

The Angelic Messenger Cards and companion book comes in a lovely, but sturdy, box with a magnetic cover flap, which is great for storing the kit on a bookshelf.

If you love flowers and have an openness to receive subtle, yet specific, messages from both floral intricacies and the angelic realm, you’ll likely enjoy the Angelic Messenger Cards lovingly created by Meredith Young-Sowers and published by New World Library.

Below are 10 images from this deck:

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