Angels 101: An Introduction to Connecting, Working, and Healing with the Angels – Doreen Virtue
“Although God and the angels already know what you need, they can’t intervene without your permission. For this reason, you’ll need to ask your angels to give you their assistance.” – From the book

According to angel therapist Doreen Virtue, those who regularly contact their angels develop a closer relationship with God, as well as experience more peaceful, confident lives. Reporting increased happiness, those who connect with angels are less afraid of death and the future, largely because they feel watched over.

In her newest book Angels 101, Doreen introduces readers to different types of angels and the various ways to contact them. Angels respond to the “prayer of the heart”, she asserts, so merely thinking or visualizing your request is enough to set your angels in motion!

Explaining the historical role of these spiritual messengers and helpers, the author provides a fascinating tour of the angelic, including archangels, guardian angels, thrones, powers, cherubs, and more. Doreen highlights several spiritual systems who embrace angels, including Christianity, Kabbalah, Islam, and Judaism, and explains how angels can help protect, find lost objects, illuminate life purpose, heal relationships, provide guidance, and so on.

Arguably, the most intriguing part of Angels 101 is the electrifying anecdotes. I love the story of Doris, who was driving down the highway when her car’s hood flew up. She swerved down an embankment, stopping only inches from deep water. Twelve people witnessed the accident—and they all stopped to see how she was. They also inquired about the passenger that was in her front seat. However, Doris was traveling alone that day.

Or so she thought.

This 101-page book also provides:

A FAQ section
The meaning of colors and numbers as related to angels
How to connect with the angels for a variety of situations
A list of archangels and the career each governs
Advice on healing relationships with the angels
Insight on the special connection between children and angels
Compelling stories demonstrating the love and wisdom of angels

Although I’ve read many of Doreen’s books (including Archangels and Ascended Masters, Angel Medicine, and Angel Numbers), I still found great value in Angels 101. She deftly describes the historical role of angels, as well as their personal roles as messengers and helpers—encouraging readers to call upon these beautiful ones for concerns both large and “small”. (However, according to Doreen, there are no “small” concerns. If it matters to you, it matters to the angels!)  I was reminded that we often “have not because we ask not”, especially in terms of seeking aid and comfort from the angels.

Angels 101 is an excellent primer for those new to connecting with angels, as well as an inspirational, informative reminder for those familiar with both angels and Doreen’s work.

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