Messages from Your Angels Perpetual Flip Calendar - Doreen Virtue
“The Law of Free Will says that the angels can only help you when you ask them, or give them permission to, yet many people say that they forget to ask for their angels’ help. So I created this calendar to give you daily reminders to ask for your angels’ assistance with anything and everything.” – Dr. Doreen Virtue

Dr. Doreen Virtue is an angel therapist who has written extensively about these heavenly messengers. Through her work as a metaphysician, author, and workshop leader, she has shown thousands of people how to connect, communicate and heal with the angels.

According to Dr. Virtue, angels are readily available to assist us with guidance, healing, and comfort. However, we must take the first step by asking them for help and then be prepared to accept the gifts they offer.

As a daily reminder of the many roles angels can play and the many acts they can perform, Dr. Virtue has created the Messages from Your Angels Perpetual Flip Calendar. A perpetual calendar is one without a yearly designation. This means you can use the calendar year after year.

Each day features a magical depiction of angels in a variety of forms and expressions. Some are otherworldly, sporting gossamer robes and rainbow-hued wings. Others play instruments, recline among animals, comfort children, frolic with unicorns, or rest in nature’s splendor. Along with the colorful artwork, a wise, inspiring message awaits you every day of the year. Ancient sacred days honoring certain seasonal cycles are featured (e.g. Imbolc/Brigid's Day, Beltane, Lughnasadh/Lammas, Samhain and Boxing Day.)

Some of the messages found in the Messages from Your Angels Perpetual Flip Calendarinclude:

“The ego urges you to accomplish, while the soul merely asks you to enjoy the process.” (February 16)

“When you inflict conditions upon your happiness, you place that joy in a future tense.” (July 17)

“You need not wait until a crisis or some other dilemma has hit before asking us for help. In fact, it is a good idea to work with us in any trying situation before it gets to the boiling point.” (September 28)

“We remind you that every negative feeling you hold toward another has a boomerang effect. It is impossible to judge or blame someone else and not feel emotional pain.” (October 15)

“You are frequently called upon to act as Earth angels in response to another’s prayers.” (November 26)

The sturdy covers of this calendar unfold at the bottom, so you can set it upon a desk, table, counter, or nightstand. Large coiled wiring holds the pages together, so you can flip them quite easily. The calendar comes in a lovely box approximately 5 ¾ X 5 ¾ inches, and a shimmering sage green fabric trims the cover.

Anyone who has an affinity for angels would likely love this calendar, especially if he or she enjoys the work of Dr. Virtue. There is a wide variety of colors and artistic styles in the Messages from Your Angels Perpetual Flip Calendar, so it’s not as if you’re looking at the same type of image day after day. The messages are uplifting, supportive and insightful, making this calendar a powerful tool for connecting with your angels throughout the year.

Below are two images from the calendar:

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