“Our sleepwalking is the source of our collective misery. We have been asleep to our subtler conflicts, our deep impasses, and our latent gifts. But having glimpsed the range of our unconscious knowing, our rich ‘secret lives’, we can hardly be content to go back to sleep.” – From the book

In 1980, Marilyn Ferguson published The Aquarian Conspiracy—a book often called the Bible of the consciousness movement. At that time, inspired millions scanned the radar for signs of this nameless positive movement, as well as for like-minded others. These one were looking to create a more humane society and began working a quiet revolution by emphasizing creativity in the workplace and blending cutting-edge science with mysticism in both classrooms and pulpits.

In her new book Aquarius Now: Radical Common Sense and Reclaiming Our Personal Sovereignty, Ms. Ferguson shows readers how to thrive in a time of escalating change. Through exposing the insidious effects of the “Cult of Numbers”—the mindset that thrives on first, biggest, most, latest, and best—she sends a clarion call for humanity to “wake up in the dark”. She says that our task is not to climb a mountain, but to navigate a river.

While humanity is asleep at the wheel, Ferguson asserts that we each have a latent visionary inside of us who can break loose from the prison of apathy. Surviving and thriving in this ever-changing world requires us to be innovators. In times past, troubled societies has a simple solution: move. However, Aquarius Now describes not a physical migration but one in which humans leave the familiar world of habitual strife and irrational priorities. Where is this amazing place the Great Tribe must emigrate to or perish? One of new understanding.

According to Ferguson, “a successful migration depends on the ingenuity of the tools we crate along the way.” These are:

Vision: A credible picture of what we might do and where we might go.

Values: The return to classic values like kindness, willingness to work, and civic responsibility—and embracing newer values like caring for the environment.

Purpose: Meaningful causes or projects that can unite groups of people.

Common sense: A demonstrated awareness of facts and consequences.

Action: It’s all within our ability. Somebody do something.

Every one of us contains multiple selves that make up “me”. One “self” may enthusiastically agree to take on a project while another self is later horrified that more was bit than can be chewed. A self avowed “black thumb” eagerly takes up gardening. Although our internal “repertory companies” may vary, we all have them. However, Ferguson maintains that it’s not multiplicity that’s the problem, but rather our *obliviousness* to these selves. She writes:

“C.G. Jung insisted that when people are unaware of their inner opponents, the world acts out the conflicts and is torn into warring communities…Behavior we call unconscious may be a conscious choice of one of the parts.”

Interestingly, visionaries learn to use this multiplicity creatively. Ferguson goes on to say:

“Intelligence may reflect a company of talented subselves, each at the ready with a skill or insight. Our ability to manage these perspectives and passions rewards us with inner and outer balance”.

In a call to reclaim our sovereignty and creating a future, Aquarius Now shows us that the imbalance we see “out there” is merely a reflection of the imbalance within. To heal the imbalance, we must heal ourselves. Because there is no “map” to where we’re going as a species, each of us must take responsibility for ourselves and go within to find the way. One of the ways we create this map is to recognize the archetypal selves that can lead us to “begin the world again”:

The AthleteChallenge and the Art of Self-Encouragement
The Hunter-Gatherer and the Scout Choosing to be Intelligent
The DowserTuning In to the Field
The FiremakerRekindling the Flames of Intuition
The Artist-ScientistThe Drive to Discover
The Sacred WarriorFinding the Right Engagement
The Holy FoolCreative Responses to Fear
The Free SpiritLiberty and the Law of Levity
The Navigator Remembering the Future

Serving as a modern-day prophet, Marilyn Ferguson provides timely insights, strategies and tools for navigating the evolutionary river. She speaks as one who has peeked into the future and beheld the awe-inspiring horizon of a more mindful society—bringing back to us the necessary coordinates for getting from here to there.

It’s time to wake-up, sleepyhead. Our collective survival depends on you.

And you.

And you.

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