Archangels and Ascended Masters - Doreen Virtue
“No matter what happens, the archangels and ascended masters will be with us. No one can take them away from us! And that’s one more reason why it’s wise for lightworkers to become familiar with the various divinities, and to be aware of the special gifts they offer. In the future, these Divinities will prove to be valuable allies (just as they are in the present).” – Doreen Virtue

Who is Saint-Germain? What about Vywamus? Can goddesses, gods, archangels, and ascended masters really connect on a personal level? For what purposes can I invoke a deity?

Angel therapist Doreen Virtue answers these questions and many more in Archangels and Ascended Masters – A Guide to Working and Healing with Divinities and Deities. After researching 77 divinities, personally verifying their accessibility and integrity, Virtue has compiled her findings and experiences in a lively encyclopedic format.

For those unfamiliar with ascended masters, Virtue explains that these ones are great prophets, healers or teachers that once walked upon the earth and are now in the spirit world helping humanity from beyond. Ascended masters include Jesus, Buddha, Yogananda, Mother Mary, and Saint Padre Pio. Virtue asserts that she isn’t promoting polytheism or the worship of divinities. Rather, archangels, deities, and ascended masters represent the various faces that one God presents to us, and we work in partnership with these aspects of God for insight and healing.

In Part 1 of Archangels and Ascended Masters, Virtue lists the originating culture, country, and/or spiritual system, as well as their alternative names. She then gives a brief historical summary of each archangel or deity, a channeled message or impression, what each helps with, and an invocation. Many of the channeled messages were conducted at power points throughout the world including Stonehenge in England and the Kona coast of Hawaii.

Part 2 of the book features invocations for specific needs and issues, such as abundance, addictions and cravings, courage, find your life’s purpose, healing a pet, weight loss, and global peace. Part 3 provides a list of whom to call upon for specific needs. For example, if you were in need of help regarding parenting, you can consult with Dana, Hathor, Ishtar, or Mother Mary. For insight into working with crystals, Merlin, Melchizedek, or Saint-Germain would provide valuable insight. Isolt helps with healing from divorce, while Pele helps with clear communication and prioritizing. Archangel Haniel aids in poise, Saint Therese protects pilots and airline crew, and Maeve works wonders with aromatherapy.

This 243 book wasn’t intended to be an exhaustive treatment of archangels, ascended masters, gods, and goddesses. Rather, it’s an introduction to spiritual facilitators spanning Greek, Roman, Egyptian, Asian, Celtic, Theosophical, Cabalistic, New Age, Christian, Jewish, Catholic, Tibetan, Babylonian, and Buddhist roots. Archangels and Ascended Masters can be used to acquaint yourself with new spirit helpers, or for deepening your experience with those familiar to you. You can even use this book as an oracle by saying a prayer or voicing your concern, then opening the book to see which spiritual helper has some insight for you.

My favorite way to use this book is in conjunction with Virtue’s Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards. Every time I choose a card from the Goddess Guidance deck, I am amazed at the pointed and accurate the wisdom conveyed by a particular goddess. I then put the card on a small altar I have on a bookshelf in my bedroom, and “work” with that particular goddess until I feel to join with another. For further information about a goddess, I then turn to Archangels and Ascended Masters for clarification and additional insight.

If you’re curious about the spirit realm and the help available to you, this book will provide a solid starting point for your journey. Archangels and Ascended Masters is an engaging read, and Virtue’s personal warmth and appreciation for the various deities shines through. Providing comfort, imparting insight, and granting joy are among the many gifts waiting for humanity from these special unseen others.

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