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“Ascended Masters are great spiritual teachers and helpers, most of whom lived as humans upon the earth. They’re powerful guides who can help you understand your life’s purpose, muster the courage to make significant changes, and develop your psychic and manifestation capabilities.” – From the companion book

In her tenth—yes, tenth!—oracle deck, angel therapist Doreen Virtue imparts wisdom from Ascended Masters. Spanning every culture and spiritual tradition, these masters are said to have certain “specialties” of expertise—aiding seekers and offering guidance within the realm of these specializations.

For example, the Greek god Apollo can help you focus on your innate strengths, while The Green Man leads you into nature and its many gifts. Lugh, the Celtic sun god, encourages persistence while the beloved master of Christianity, Jesus, invites all to open their heart to love.

As with Doreen’s other decks, the Ascended Masters Oracle Cards number 44. And like her recent decks, these cards have a lovely shiny gilt edging. The 104-paged companion book provides a brief overview of deck clearing, preparing for guidance, and performing readings. The rest of the companion book explains the theme of each card, as well as various card meanings and a brief bio of the Ascended Master. Some of the Ascended Masters found in this deck—and the wisdom they offer—include:

White Buffalo Calf WomanPeace Offering
El MoryaClear and Shield Your Energy
Krishna Find the Blessing in Your Current Situation
MelchizedekSpiritual Law of Attraction
Isis Balance Career and Home Life
Paul the VenetianArtistic Expression
MosesTake Charge of This Situation
MaitrayaPower of Joy
Mother Mary Nurture Yourself
Thoth Write
Paramahansa YogananadaChoose Peace
Hilarion Health and Healing
Pallas AthenaDetach from Drama

As I first began working with this deck, I wasn’t sure how I felt about it. There were “Masters” I had never heard of and a few were obscure. For example, I had no idea who “Mahachohan Ragoczy” was—and after Googling the name, only found one reference!

After further research, I discovered an alternative spelling (M. Rakozi) and realized that he—and the other obscure “Masters” (such as Paul the Venetian, Serapis Bey, Lady Nada and Kuthumi)—are referenced in the writings of Theosophy…an esoteric spirituality based on writings of Alice A. Bailey, Elizabeth Clare Prophet, and Madame Blavatsky.

Initially, I did a 3-card reading with the Ascended Masters Oracle Cards and felt it to be inaccurate and irrelevant. Yet, the next day, I performed a one-card reading on a writing project, and found it to be surprisingly accurate. In fact, the card I drew (Lugh)—and his accompanying wisdom—actually described a *specific* component of my project…word for word! I was stunned.

So this highly accurate reading gave me pause—and I reconsidered the reading from the night before. I realized that the wisdom it offered was unfolding—and actually gave relevant insights now that the light of a new day illuminated the previous reading. I’m inclined to think, then, that this deck crosses dimensions of time and space—quite fitting for a decidedly New Age oracle!

I feel that the decorative border colorings are too bland on some cards (especially the ones with muddy brown, dull gold, and dreary olive), and some of the images are so-so. Others are quite attractive and even ethereal. A few of the New Age Ascended Masters look identical in the face as the same artist painted them—but the colors chosen are gorgeous.

From Ganesh to Merlin, Paravati to King Solomon, the Ascended Masters Oracle Cards provides a wide range of wisdom from various cultures and traditions, appealing to seekers on a broad spiritual path. Those familiar with the “7 Ray” New Age teachings will be especially delighted that Masters such as Saint-Germain are given honor in this deck. As always, this deck can be used in conjunction with Doreen’s other decks, which will likely add another layer of depth to a reading.

Below are 10 images from this deck:

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