Ask Your Guides - Connecting to Your Divine Support System by Sonia Choquette
“When you decide to work with spirit guides, you change the rules that govern your life and allow it to become easier. Through these suggested practices, you’ll begin to feel the support that the Universe intends for you.” – From the book

Author and psychic Sonia Choquette has worked with spirit guides for decades, believing that they are available to all. However, while everyone has the potential to be guided, these beings must be invited in order for their help to be activated in our lives.

In her book Ask Your Guides: Connecting to Your Divine Support System, Choquette serves as a cosmic tour guide, preparing readers to navigate the wide world of spirit, including angels and your Higher Self. She explains the difference between Guardian Angels, Archangels, and the Ministry of Angels while describing what it is like to live with angelic influences.

In addition to angels and your Higher Self, the author introduces eight different types of spirit guides:

Spirit Guides of the Nature Kingdom – Also known as elementals, these guides are spirits of earth, water, fire, and air. They are often known as gnomes, sprites, sylphs, devas, and salamanders and each provide a particular energy depending on the element they’re associated with. For example, Choquette says that fire elementals—also known as salamanders (which are not the same as the reptile)—love being watched. In fact, if you ignore them by walking away from a fire, they could burn the place down!

Runners – These handy guides help you find misplaced or lost items and connect you with things you seek. According to the author, Runners are indigenous souls who once inhabited the area where you reside. For example, Americans often have Native American Runners while those living in New Zealand would have a Maori Runners. They help you find bargains, parking spaces, and even tables at restaurants when you don’t have reservations.

Helpers – These beings are souls of those who have crossed over, often showing up when you’re stumped, blocked, or discouraged. They assist with specific tasks, special projects, or hobbies and are especially helpful when they had some level of expertise when they were alive. By helping humans, they are raising their own vibrational frequency in the afterlife.

Healer Guides – According to Choquette, Healer guides come in two forms: Those who have been healers in past incarnations and seek to help you with healing and those who come from high energetic frequencies but may never been in human form.

Teacher Guides – Unlike Runners or Helpers, Teacher Guides aren’t concerned with the mundane activities day-to-day life. Rather, these beings are devoted to helping us discover life purpose, karma, and soul lessons.

Animal Guides – As part of the teaching world, animals help us connect to the natural world and offer advice based on their unique characteristics and behaviors. They often appear in the dream state, but also speak to us through actual encounters and synchronistic events.

Joy Guides – Often mischievous, these guides are inclined to show up when we’re bent out of shape, immersed in self-importance, or taking life way too seriously. They soften hearts and satisfy the inner child, inviting generosity, acceptance, and playfulness.

Light Beings – These high-energy beings are here to assist in raising personal and planetary vibrations.

Choquette also discusses negative entities and how to neutralize them, as well as consulting various divination methods for work with spirit guides.

Written in her characteristic engaging style, Ask Your Guides: Connecting to Your Divine Support System invites us all to take advantage of the spiritual support system that God has designed for our growth and well-being. Obviously, no one can say for sure if the spiritual kingdom is divvied up as Choquette describes, but it’s a fascinating proposition that there are spiritual guides waiting to provide help and insight for every situation, if we but take the time to ask.

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