“Your guides are very willing to be supportive and to offer guidance as they show you how to create the best possible outcomes in all situations and circumstances in your life. That’s their job, and they love to be asked for help. So let them.” –Sonia Choquette
Sonia Choquette—renowned author, vibrational healer, and psychic—is out with a new 52-card deck called Ask Your Guides Oracle Cards. This deck is designed to help you connect directly with specific spirit guides and Divine helpers as you navigate through life’s transitions and challenges. By seeking guidance for present and upcoming life events with the Ask Your Guides Oracle Cards a direct link is forged to your personal psychic support system.

A 71 page Guidebook accompanies the deck, and gives a brief overview of each of the 52 cards. In addition, four keywords are assigned to each card, which present concepts and energies that augment the card’s meaning. 

Below are six images from the Ask Your Guides Oracle Cards:

The back of the box says that the Ask Your Guides Oracle Cards are based on the Minor Arcana of the Tarot. However, nothing is mentioned about Tarot in the guidebook, nor is any correlation discussed. There are no suits—color coded or otherwise—and Minor Arcana parallels are not at all obvious. Why this supposed correlation is mentioned on the box is a mystery.

The colorful illustrations are quite beautiful, and each card is numbered making it easy to find its explanation in the guidebook. Other than the card explanations, though, there isn’t much to the guidebook. The Introduction is little over 2 pages long and briefly describes a one card and three card spread. Various guides and helpers are assigned to the cards, but there is no differentiation between them. For instance, there’s Divine Helpers, Divine Soul, Divine Teachers, Master Teacher, Spirit Teachers, Higher Soul, Higher Self, Muses, Divine Mother, Divine Goddess, Divine Healers, Healer Guides, Joy Guides, Warrior Guides, Prosperity Guides, Creativity Guides, Nature Spirits, Holy Spirit, Divine Father, Divine Mother, Gaia, Guardian Angels, Guardian Angel Michael, Inner Child, Venus, Aphrodite, and Spiritual Ancestors.

What’s the difference between Higher Self, Higher Soul, and Divine soul? What’s the difference between Divine Teachers, Master Teacher, Spirit Teachers and Divine Helpers? There appears to be no rhyme or reason to the differences which could prove confusing. If Choquette feels there are distinctions in the spirit realm, why not outline them? Is there really a division in the spirit realm called Prosperity Guides? Do they work at the Cosmic Bank and make withdrawals and deposits on our behalf? Are they financial planners or do they just deliver the goods? I’m being facetious but the delineation of all these spirit helpers seems silly at worst and perplexing at best.

When I originally tried out the deck, the card I drew held absolutely no meaning for me. I had my husband try it, and he got an equally “doesn’t apply” message. (I don’t recall this ever happening before with an oracle deck.)  I was planning on writing a mostly negative review of the Ask Your Guides Oracle Cards but I thought I’d give it one more chance before I began writing. I pulled one card and got some incredible insight as to the root of an issue that had been bugging me. Then I drew another, and it gave me a message that confirmed specific guidance I received intuitively earlier in the day (no help from an oracle—just an insight).

Perhaps my husband and I were having an “off” day, who knows?

The Ask Your Guides Oracle Cards are certainly unique and attractive, and while I prefer Choquette’s Trust Your Vibes Oracle Cards over this deck, I feel there are many out there who will resonate with these cards—especially those who identify with the nuance of spiritual hierarchy.

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