Ask and It Is Given Cards (The Teachings of Abraham) – Esther and Jerry Hicks
“You will experience an enhancing of your personal power, which may, at first, seem illogical or even magical, as the Energy Stream from which these cards have come dovetails with the true essence of your own being. As you return for frequent visits to these beautiful cards, you will begin to notice a definite closing of the gap between where you are and where you want to be on all subjects that are important to you.” – From the authors

Since the mid-80’s, Esther and Jerry Hicks have brought forth the teachings of an evolved set of beings known as Abraham. Instructing humanity on well-being and the Law of Attraction, Abraham/Hicks have created a 60-card deck based on their bestselling book Ask and It Is Given.

The Ask and It Is Given Cards feature vibrant, whimsical images accompanied by a particular idea, while the back of the card elaborates further on a subject. Here are a few of the empowering teachings found in this deck:

I Won’t Put Those Unwanted Ingredients in My PieImagine yourself as a chef in an extremely well-stocked kitchen where there are many ingredients that are not appropriate for your creation, but you feel no discomfort about their existence. You simply utilize the ingredients that will enhance *your* creation—and you leave the ingredients that are not appropriate for your creation out of your pie.

My Greatest Gift to Give Is My HappinessThe greatest gift that you could ever give is your own happiness. When you are in a state of joy or appreciation, you are connected to the Stream of Source Energy that is truly who-you-are—and anything or anyone that you are holding as you object of attention benefits from your attention.

Why Does My Saying No to It Mean Saying Yes to It?When you give attention to something you desire and say yes to it, you are including it in your vibration. But when you look at something you do not want and say no to it, you are including it in your vibration. You cannot exclude anything that you are giving your attention to.

There Is Evolutionary Value in My Personal PreferencesDo not underestimate the value of your preferences, for the evolution of your planet depends upon those of you on the Leading Edge of thought continuing to fine-tune your desires. And the contrast, or variety, provides the perfect environment for the formation of your personal preferences.

The Ask and It Is Given Cards sparkle with possibility and anticipation, inviting humanity to discover the power of intention/attention. The positive vibes ooze off these cards as Abraham’s metaphysical wisdom speaks to our Highest Self about the art of allowing.

This deck also describes how to pay attention to your feelings, using them as a gauge for your current level of attraction. In addition, these lovely cards show how to gently guide thoughts, as well as align with the ever-present flow of well-being.

Highly recommended!

Below are 9 images from this deck:

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