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In 1995, artist and healer Alicia Katz was studying astronomy in Santa Fe, NM and wanted to make a necklace that had all the planets around her just as they were at the moment she was born. A friend showed her that an Astrology Chart was a map of the solar system, but with meaning. Alicia discovered that she could make “mathematically accurate jewelry” by blending the science of astronomy with the art of astrology. Thus, Wandering Star Astrology Jewelry was born!

I found the idea of wearing customized jewelry reflecting the planets, zodiac, and houses as they were around me at the moment of my birth intriguing. A wearable, readable, accurate Astrology Chart—how cool is that?!

So I decided to order a customized bracelet based upon the date, time, and place of my birth. My one-of-a-kind bracelet reflects the exact position of the planets, signs and houses at the time of my birth—with mathematical precision and degree accuracy. Below is the beautiful bracelet handcrafted by Wandering Star:

Accompanying my bracelet was a 15-page natal chart interpretation printed on faux parchment paper and bound with clear plastic. I can actually place my bracelet upon the natal chart and see the exact positions reflected in the semi-precious stones and beads! Gold beads reflect the 30 degrees of each sign and Sterling Silver beads mark the 12 houses. Ribbed silver beads mark the bold lines on the chart (ASC, MC, IC, and DSC). An individual can choose from a wide array of semi-precious gemstones or colored glass for the degree beads. I chose Blue Goldstone for mine, which is a navy blue synthetic bead that shimmers with flecked gold..

Not only is my unique bracelet beautiful, but also it provides an unusual sense of grounding. In fact, one time I wore it to the park with my family and I was amazed at the blissed-out feelings I was experiencing! Alicia tells me that her clients report similar reactions when wearing their personalized jewelry.

The semi-precious stones are chosen to resemble the planets in both color and size, and are strung on 49-strand nylon-coated steel. The Ascendant—also know as the Rising Sign—marks the beginning of a chart and is represented by a blue and green Azurite-Malachite bead that looks like the Earth. Here are the stone/planet correlations:

Moon – White Mother-of-Pearl
Mercury – Metallic Gray Hematite
Venus – Beige African Picture Jasper
Mars – Red Carnelian
Jupiter – Swirly Brown Botswana Agate
Saturn – Brown and Gold Tiger’s Eye
Uranus – Blue or Green Turquoise
Neptune – Blue Sodalite
Pluto – Tiny Red Jasper

To represent the Sun, you can pick Amber, a Brass and Pewter Smiling Sun, a Pewter Zodiac Bead with cutout stars, a Sterling Silver bead, or a 12K Gold-Filled bead. I chose an Amber bead for my Sun.

In addition to natal Astrology Chart bracelets, Wandering Star also makes:

And more!

If you're looking for a personalized gift for you or someone you love, a customized piece of Zodiac jewelry will be greatly cherised. I can verify that Wandering Star's customer service, product quality, and attention to detail is superb. In fact, my blue turquoise bead for Uranus featured a natural crack (as these stones usually do), but with my perfectionistic tendencies--the fissure really bothered me! I sent it back and the folks replaced the stone with a flawless blue turquoise that's exquisite. (Incidentally, as Alicia notes in the interview, Wandering Star will be substituting Adventurine for this stone in 2006).

To read my interview with Alicia Katz, click here. To learn more about Wandering Star Zodiac Gifts or to purchase your own Astrology jewelry, click on the banner below.

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