Astrology For The Soul - Jan Spiller
"The sign in which the North Node falls denotes the psychological shift that need to occur within the personality. The house containing the North Node shows the experiences that allow the person to access this new psychological awareness...The South Node position in a chart (located at the point exactly opposite of the North Node) depicts an aspect in our character that has been overemphasized in past lives, and thus tends to take over the personality in this lifetime and throw us off balance. When we are acting without awareness, we tend to 'act out' the South Node position in response to our environment because we have been accustomed to that approach working to our advantage. However, in this lifetime, our experiences show us that approaching a situation from the stance shown by the position of the Southern Node of our chart is no longer working..." -- Jan Spiller
In her book Astrology for the Soul, astrologer Jan Spiller shows you the key to discovering your hidden talents, deepest desires, and the ways to avoid negative influences that may distract you from achieving your true life purpose, as revealed by the North Node of the Moon in your natal astrological chart. Although Spiller mostly uses the term North Node, she takes into consideration that the North Node exists in polarity with the South Node--and how they both manifest in our attitude, personality, and drive.

To discover your North Node, you need to generate a chart. You can do this by going to Once you enter the birth time, date, and place a chart will be generated. Chart Drawing, Ascendant is where generated charts are stored. To find your North Node (NN) look for the glyph (symbol) that looks like a horseshow with curlicues on the end. The South Node (NN) will be in the House directly opposite the North Node, although it won't be pictured. The symbol for the SN is an inversion of the NN glyph. You also can also find your NN placement by getting software like Mapping Your Birthchart or ordering one from me.

In Astrology For The Soul each of the 12 Nodal positions are examined in the context of:

*Attributes to develop
*What these people really want
*Healing Affirmations
*Healing theme songs

Here is a small sample of Attributes to Develop for each of the 12 Nodal positions as described in this book:

Aries - Independence, trusting one's impulses, and self-nurturance

Taurus - Honoring expressed needs of self and others, forgiveness, and gratitude.

Gemini - Tact, logic, and listening.

Cancer - Empathy, humility, and accepting others flaws without judgment.

Leo - Individuality, self-confidence, and enthusiasm.

Virgo - Moderation, creating routines, and taking risks in spite of fears.

Libra - Cooperation, seeing through another's eyes, creating win/win situations.

Scorpio - Self-discipline, choosing constructive change, and enjoying high-risk situations.

Sagittarius - Patience, speaking from Higher Consciousness, and intuitive listening.

Capricorn - Self-control, self-respect, and letting go of the past.

Aquarius - Objectivity, desire for friendship, and active participation in groups.

Pisces - Compassion, surrendering anxiety to a Higher Power, and welcoming change.

I highly recommend this informative book for releasing negative life patterns, embracing your strengths, and living a more centered and self-directed life.

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