Astrology Gems: Scorpio - Monte Farber and Amy Zerner
“Scorpio is the master detective of the zodiac. If there’s something or someone Scorpio wants to know about, nothing and no one can prevent her from discovering the hidden truth.” – From the book

Skilled metaphysicians and artists, the husband-wife team of Monte Farber and Amy Zerner—also known as The Enchanted Couple—have birthed  a great new book series dedicated to each of the 12 Sun Signs of the Zodiac called Astrology Gems.

I had the pleasure of reading the Astrology Gems: Scorpio book, and was surprised and delighted with both the format and content.

Although the Astrology Gems series are small gift books, they are jam packed with practical, eerily incisive information. Some of the tidbits found in the Scorpio book include:

• Charts on related planet, element, quality, day, colors, plants, gemstones, metal, etc.
• Extensive keywords
• Lists of Typical Behavior/Personality Traits, Positive Traits, Negative Traits, Behaviors/Abilities at Work
• Behavior/Abilities at Home, Attitude Towards Money, Leisure Interests/Pastimes, Likes, and Dislikes
• Romantic Pairings, Health, Scorpio as Parent, Scorpio as Child, Scorpio as Co-worker, and Scorpio as Friend
• Scorpio as Employer and Employee
• Typical Occupations, First Dates, and Scorpio in Love
• The Ruling Planet of Pluto and the myth of the Phoenix

I have read and/or own dozens of Astrology books and the same (tired) story crops up repeatedly: Scorpios are vengeful, unforgiving, sexaholics. However, Monte and Amy unearth and present little-known facts about Scorpio with refreshing insight and intuitive depth. I was surprised at the depth, because, after all, how much information can be packed in a Zodiac gift book? Well, after I read Astrology Gems: Scorpio, I realized “a heck of a lot”!

Honestly, there were several times when I whispered to myself “How in the world did they KNOW that?!” For example, in the “If Scorpios Only Knew” section, they write:

“If Scorpios only knew that they were not being judged as harshly as they sometimes judge others, they would relax more and not put so much stress on themselves to succeed in everything they do. Scorpios work very hard to impress other people with their efforts, but the one they want most to impress is themselves. This is complicated by the fact that they feel they are being graded, perhaps unable to achieve the high standards they, and others, expect. They should know that it is no sin to take a day off once in a while to rest and regroup.”

I was stunned. Indeed, I often feel I’m being graded and I never really thought of it quite that way—and certainly never read this sentiment in another Astrology book!

I laughed aloud at this passage:

“Many Scorpios try to relax by continuing to work, because of the intense pressure they put on themselves to finish everything before leaving for that much-needed rest. Their best policy is to have an alternative interest or hobby that they can pursue with passion, thus giving them relaxation from their main work.”

Oh my gosh, this is me to a T! And they are right—my “relaxation” tends to be more metaphysical study, reading, and reviewing—not exactly a day in the shade!

I also chuckled when they observed that Scorpios don’t make concerted efforts to find a soul mate, tending to believe that true love is based on destiny—and believe if we’re meant to meet our true “other half”, we will. This is, indeed, how I’ve always approached relationships. They also mention that such meetings may happen at a library, bookstore, planetariums, charity event, or church! Guess where I met my late husband and my present husband (both fellow Scorpios)? In church!

And the section on Scorpios as children? Priceless! Part of me wonders how my childhood may have turned out should my parents have respected Astrology and had the benefit of reading the Astrology Gems: Scorpio book! (Note to parents: Scorpios love to have privacy, so give them their own room or nook—and DO NOT invade their space or rag on them to “come out and watch TV with the family”!)

I’ve only had the pleasure of reading the Scorpio version of the Astrology Gems series, but I’m very impressed with Monte and Amy’s wisdom and penetrating insights.

Rich with original perceptions from the Enchanted Couple, Astrology Gems will help you understand yourself and others. These books would make a great holiday or birthday gift, too!

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