Astrology - The Midheaven (MC)
In astrology, the Midheaven is at the very top of your natal chart in most house systems--the straight vertical line at the beginning (cusp) of the 10th House. It is also known as the Medium Coeli, or MC. In this series of interviews, astrologer Barry Cowger and I will discuss the purpose of the Midheaven, and how it expresses itself through each of the 12 Signs.

Janet Hi Barry! It's great to be able to chat with you again about astrology.

Barry Thanks. Good to be here.

Janet In passing, I recently read that the Midheaven in our natal charts is the place of our life purpose. Is this correct? What exactly does the Midheaven indicate in a chart? How is it different from the 10th House? Similar?

Barry The Midheaven is the exact point where the 10th house begins. Think of the Midheaven as the door and the 10th House as the room you walk into after you pass through that door. The MC has a sign on it and that's the first piece of the puzzle to figure out. The 10th house is the remainder of the real estate that may or may not contain planets and other signs. So getting the sign on the MC correct is a necessary start.

Of course there are many interpretations and perspectives one can have about the MC. I think taking a broader perspective first, the MC we can define as a point of entry into the unknown. This angle has a rulership over time itself. And time--at least in this dimension, moves forward. And it is in this way that through the MC we all are moving into the unknown, through the law of time/space. Now this can be pretty heady stuff and maybe not too useful. But if you look at the MC, it is opposite the IC (also known as Imum Coeli ornadir). Polarities are always useful to employ because we can gain insight into what we were looking at when we turn our gaze to the opposite point, in this case the IC. The IC is the depths of the unknown, the dark point, the lowest point, the nadir, the winter solstice in the northern hemisphere, where we turn around and come back into the light, back toward the 'real' world and our place within it, you might say. So, the MC is often thought of as our rightful place in whatever world we happen to be in, want to be in or a part of. So, yes, the MC can be relative to a person's life purpose and contributory role within society at large.

Now what we will be doing is going through all 12 signs, placing each sign on the Midheaven and giving a description of what kind of experiences that person would need to go through--to experience--in order to come to a more full realization of their place in life. Of course, one must consider the possibility that there are planets in one's 10th house, and that there is a planet that rules one's MC and to consider it's house placement. This will modify the sign on one's MC. In the case of the sign Aries on the MC, one would need to determine the house location of Mars in their charts.

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