Altars of Power and Grace - Michael and Robin Mastro
“Altars of Power and Grace offers a revolutionary approach to creating personal altars. This unique system combines the holistic and creative traditions of Whole Systems Design with the most potent aspects of Vastu Shastra. Vastu, an ancient science from India, was the original teaching on which Feng Shui is based.” –from the book

Renowned experts Robin and Michael Mastro have demystified the ancient principles of Vastu by creating an accessible model for creating personal altars. Like the compass lineage of Feng Shui, Vastu Shastra is governed by five elements and eight directions—much like a Ba Gua map. However, in the Mastro system, Metal becomes Spirit, which appropriately resides in the center.

Altars concentrate chi—or life force—for the promotion of harmony, health, fulfillment and prosperity. Arranging personal items and spiritual tokens with a specific intention generates a powerful energy vortex for manifesting spirit into matter. In Altars of Power and Grace, the Mastros explain the science and history of Vastu Shastra, the attributes of the five elements and representational objects, and the areas and placements for the eight directions.

The eight directions represent certain desires and dreams, and altars can be created for each aspiration:

North: Abundance and Prosperity
Northeast: Spirituality
East: Health and Well-Being
Southeast: Life Changes and Transformation
South: Career and Recognition
Southwest: Helpful People and Universal Support
West: Creativity and Knowledge
Northwest: Relationships and Marriage

Altars of Power and Grace provides clear step by step instructions, colorful photographs and graphics, and a thorough treatment of personal examples and experiences. Also included are helpful charts such as correspondences for each type of altar (including color, gemstone, mantra, and animal), activation ceremonies, yantras, and mantras. The Resource section contains a glossary of terms, and five pages of “who’s who” among gods, goddesses, and religious deities (e.g. Archangel Zadkiel, Minerva, Christ, Ganesh, and Lakshmi), and recommended books and websites. The Mastros also offer instructions on altars for special occasions such as weddings, births, anniversaries, and other rites of passage—as well as a beautiful global peace altar.

The great thing about the Vastu Shastra system is that you can use mementos that you already own, or set out to find special icons and symbols that represents your life, personality, and spiritual path. The Mastros also supply readers with a special website address to download free yantras to print out for altar activation, so you can couple your personal tokens with the power of yantras for a specific intention.

Altars of Power and Grace—which won the Best Book of 2004 Award from—is a wonderful tool for focusing intention, promoting well-being, achieving desires, and cultivating spiritual connection through the creation and use of personal altars.

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