Attunement to Higher Vibrational Living – Sonia Choquette and Mark Stanton Welch
“Allow your teachers to illuminate your wisdom, to raise your vibrations, burn away anything that lies with confusion, darkness, injury, sorrow, or separation. Merge with your teachers into a brilliant rose flame and dance in your heart—dance with your breath.” – From CD 1

Author and six-sensory teacher Sonia Choquette has teamed up with singer/song writer Mark Stanton Welch for a 4-CD series intended to raise the vibration level of the listeners. Attunement to Higher Vibrational Living is not a lecture or workshop. Instead, these CD’s are contain a series of guided visualizations accompanied by acoustic guitar, singing, and humming.

CD 1 – Entering the Fourth Dimension and Meeting Your Guides

With a run-time of 52:41, the first CD is intended to induce a trance-like state, take your to a higher vibration, and connect you to your Higher Self and spirit guides in the fourth dimension. Mark sings a lovely song, inviting listeners to “ask and receive” as they attempt to meet their spirit helpers. Sonia begins what sounds like a free-form guided meditation for following your spirit, dancing with angels and guides, visiting the inner Kingdom, receiving help from healer and joy guides (who greet you with somersaults and hula hoops), and merging with the ascended masters within a golden flame.

CD 2 – Working with Your Guides to Create a Vibrationally Empowered Life

With a run-time of 45:38, Sonia and Mark take you back to the fourth dimension with the intention of calling back your authentic self, freeing yourself from all past negative vibration, and energetically attracting exactly what you need in the moment. Mark sings “Heart please open wide, free the love I am inside…heart please open wide…I am…I am…”, and Sonia invites the listener to surrender to the support of the Holy Mother, the Holy Father, the Holy Spirit, and Divine Essence. She then guides the listener to observe life as an incredible, complex drama and as she “opens the curtain”, individuals are walked through their childhood, adolescence, young adulthood, present, and even into the future. Sonia encourages individuals to leave behind those things that no longer serve, reclaim the authentic self, and receive gifts from the future self for empowerment.

CD 3 – Living Your Perfect Divine Self

With a run-time of 28:30, this CD is intended to increase internal personal vibration to a higher Divine resonance, allowing the listener to receive more love, health, abundance, and support from the Universe. Sonia begins a dreamy guided meditation, sounding like she’s high on Who Hash. “Dreaming…relaxing…resting…your body…your spirit…floating with your spirit…”

CD 4 – Healing Your Life through Forgiveness

With a run-time of 41:11, Sonia leads the listener on a journey of forgiveness and instructs them about the four levels of the heart chakra. This is the only CD that comes close to a lecture. Sonia invoked one of her spirit guides, Rose, for advice for the group. According to Sonia, Rose connects to the heart chakra. Mark plays guitar in the background, singing “I ain’t gonna carry that load no more…I’m gonna let go…take that pain, lay it down, down, down…” Sonia explains that you tell how balanced your heart chakra is by how much energy you have, and goes on to delineate the four positions of the heart chakra:

1.Only gives, doesn’t have an opening to receive
2.Happy to take, but when it comes to giving back, it’s blocked
3.Neither gives nor receives—blocked off for fear of being wounded or influenced
4.Open heart – a place where an individual gives and receives with equal comfort

Sonia offers some interesting observations in the fourth CD, including the idea that givers are control-freaks deep down—using giving as a way to avoid their own vulnerability. Another interesting observation is that positions 1-3 are postures of the mind and ego, which in turn control the heart.

According to Sonia an open heart is:

“…a sensibility and consciousness that must be cultivated. An open heart is a metaphor for one who has good taste. In other words, an educated and sophisticated awareness of beauty. The next step in our evolution as six-sensories is to cultivate our good taste—our discernment of all things beautiful.”

I’m a big fan of Sonia’s book Trust Your Vibes, and recommend it quite often to my clients and friends. Although I’m familiar with several of her books and her intuitive decks, I’ve not heard her live. Thus, this was my first experience hearing her voice. As a result, I don’t have anything to compare Attunement to Higher Vibrational Living to in terms of lectures or workshops.

From my experience, I found this CD series to be unstructured. The free-form feel of the “guided” (and I use that term loosely) meditations—as well as the dreamy vocalizations and odd verbal inflections sometimes uttered—had me feeling like I just entered a reading of Beat poetry. I expected snapping fingers any moment, or perhaps the passing of a bong. In fact, my husband entered the room when I had CD 3 playing and he told me later that he almost busted out laughing. (He’s not a “typical” guy, mind you. He’s very intuitive, receptive, and gentle.)

At times, Mark’s singing is a bit too loud and intrusive and the “guided” meditations go on far too long. Not only that, the imagery lacked detail, hindering pathworking or clear visualizations. Yes, things need to be left to the imagination, especially how spirit helpers look and what they say. But there was a lot of ad-libbed, meandering talk about “fire”, “flame”, and “spirit” more than anything. As one who happens to be quite “fiery”, I didn’t find the visualizations especially helpful. What may have worked is having a different “feel” for each CD, with one focusing on the Earth element/grounding, another focusing on the Water element and receptive feminine energy, and so on.

With all the “fire” talk, there was a very masculine feel to Attunement to Higher Vibrational Living. I suppose this would be quite helpful for folks heavy on Yin energy as well as those who need empowerment or struggle with self-pity, victimhood, low self-esteem, and lack of courage.

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