Autumn Equinox - The Enchantment of Mabon by Ellen Dugan
“In recent years, some folks began to refer to this holiday as the ‘forgotten sabbat’, which mystifies me. How can it be forgotten when the change in the air, the turning of the leaves, and the shortening days are doing everything possible to catch your attention?” – From the book

The Autumn Equinox is an enchanting time of year. As the days get shorter, the clime turns cooler and leaves burst with color—their last hurrah before withering. Hues of orange, russet, gold, and auburn adorn the landscape, hearth, and home. Folks gather the fall crops, celebrate the harvest, and offer thanks for family, friends, health, and bounty.

Mabon, Feast of Avalon, Festival of the Vine, Harvest Home—there are many names for the magickal holiday that celebrates the Autumn Equinox. Ellen Dugan, commonly known as the “Garden Witch”, has written an engaging new book examining this “forgotten” Sabat. Autumn Equinox – The Enchantment of Mabon shows you how you can make the most of this time of year — imbuing sacredness, fun and creativity in both solitary and group celebrations.

Taking a fresh look at the fall season, Dugan shares personal anecdotes of family celebrations, provides tips on garden and moon magick, discusses the autumnal correlations for crystals, Tarot cards, planets and candles, and shares tempting recipes using seasonal fruits and vegetables.

Autumn Equinox – The Enchantment of Mabon also features easy, inventive craft projects, over 40 holiday charms, spells and rituals, and several Pagan prayers.

I especially enjoyed the sections on harvest goddesses, gods of vegetation and vine, harvest legends, and the astrological energies of September. The author’s description of Demeter and Persephone are especially engaging, especially as she offers her original take on just what Persephone may have really been thinking! After all, she asserts, Persephone was a goddess. Would she have really been a damsel in distress? Or was she actually pining for an exciting “bad boy” to take her away from her “ordinary” life? And could it be that she made Hades work (and work hard) for her affection?

Some of the fascinating discoveries that await you in Autumn Equinox include:

Scarecrow folklore and magic
Michaelmas, Oktoberfest, Holy Rood Day, and other harvest celebrations from around the world
Autumn faery meditation
Tarot and candle spells for Libra and Virgo
Full moon solitary ritual: The Wine Moon
Persephone, Pomona, Dionysus, Green Man, John Barleycorn, Herne the Stag King and other legendary figures and harvest deities
Autumn in the garden (including 13 magickal fall plants, fall foliage enchantments, bulb planting charm, U.S. cold hardiness zone map, color magick with various trees, and much more)
Herbal soap recipes
Leafy luminaries, lighted fall garlands, grape wreaths and other easy crafts
Harvest Deities correspondence charts for Autumn enchantments
Recipes for harvest goodies like Rosemary Garlic Potatoes, Shoepeg Corn Casserole, Pumpkin Bread, Roast Pheasant, Vegetarian Spinach Lasagna, Apple Sauce Cookies, Harvest Apple Upside-Down Cake, and many more

Although Autumn Equinox – The Enchantment of Mabon is geared towards Wiccans and Pagans, the author’s engaging prose, creative tips, and witty insights weave a bewitching autumnal spell—luring in even non-Wiccans like myself. I found this book to be utterly charming—full of myth, magic, and mystery. Autumn is my absolute favorite time of the year, so I reveled in Dugan’s enthusiasm as she shared personal stories, practical and sacred rituals, and harvest customs and legends. In fact, she has whetted my appetite for incorporating ritual and mindfulness in the everyday sacred, especially when correlated to the seasons and sabats. And quite frankly, I can't wait to try to tempting recipes!

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