Bach Flower Essences
             by Janet Boyer
If you are not familiar with Bach Flower Essences, you may be wondering what they are. Let me start out by saying what they are not. They are not liquid herbs, nor are they aromatherapy. Flower and Vibrational Essences are subtle treatments that address the energetic root of emotional and physical distress and illness. Bach Flower Essences are probably the best known of the vibrational essences.

Edward Bach, a medical doctor, bacteriologist, and homeopath, was a pioneer in the area of Flower Essences in the late 1920's and early 1930's. His intention was to develop a method of healing which would treat the emotional and spiritual imbalances which lead to physical disease. He discovered the 38 Essences for this method of treatment in certain wildflowers.

Bach believed that the root of all illness was mental and emotional issues. Flower Essences are not extracts of flowers, and are safe for everyone--including children and pets. Dr. Bach intuitively discovered that certain flowers correlated to different psychic and emotional issues, and that by treating a person holistically, suffering was relieved. The flowers are soaked in water, thus transferring their "vibration" to the water. It is then combined with brandy, glycerin, or other preservative and can be taken under the tongue, or added to water for drinking. Creams are made of Essences, as well. Flower Essences are often given in combinations, since there is usually more than one mental/emotional issue involved in any ailment. Bach remedies does not claim to heal diseases, but rather, to treat psychic and emotional roots to the suffering.

This 22 page eBook covers each of the 38 Bach Essences and the mental and emotional states they address. Also included is a questionnaire to help you ascertain which ones you need for health and well being. Cost: $2.95

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