The Bach Flower Oracle
Edward Bach, a medical doctor, bacteriologist, and homeopath, was a pioneer in the area of Flower Essences in the late 1920's and early 1930's. Bach believed that the root of all illness was mental and emotional issues, and his intention was to develop a method of healing which would treat the emotional and spiritual imbalances which lead to physical disease. He discovered the 38 Essences for this method of treatment in certain wildflowers.

The Bach Flower Oracle is a set of 38 cards explaining the fundamental qualities of each essence, including weaknesses to be overcome and strengths that can be gained.

These cards are quite small and plain, featuring information like:


Life’s Work

Hidden potential
Inner Conflict

Self- Realization
Clear goals


Mental Freshness

Mental Fatigue
Routine Life

Clear minded

While the Bach Flower Oracle is designed for your “Higher Self” to choose three cards for meditation and healing, I feel it best serves as an overview of the 38 essences to help individuals discern which essence/s they need—or as a set of flash cards for learning the Bach Essences and their corresponding issues. To choose these essences at random via a deck is a lot like lining up a series of over-the-counter medications and allowing your “Higher Self” pick which one you need. A lot of good information is out there regarding the 38 essences and the specific personality issues that they address. There is no need to leave your healing to chance when you can take responsibility for researching the essences and determining what you need. While the essences are non-toxic, some writers and Bach Flower Essence practitioners speak of a “healing crisis” that can be set off by a vibrational essence.

While I suppose you can use this deck as an oracle, it just seems a bit silly to me. However, if you’d like the Bach Flower Essences at-a-glance, this deck does a good job of providing an overview of the corresponding issues.

Below are 3 images from this deck:

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