I've been a fan of yours for a long time! I'd just like to say, briefly, that your BIT Tarot method blew me away when I used it (more than once) to explore a spinal cord injury I had four years ago. You should be so proud that your creativity and ability can change lives. :-). -- Jennifer Moscone, Cape Elizaeth, Maine

It was an honor to include your book in our recommended reading section [in the Book of Shadows, the companion to the ShadowFox Tarot] - I devoured it as soon as it arrived, and I recommend it highly. You did a wonderful job on it! Brightest Blessings, -- Jennifer ShadowFox

Janet, Your perspective is enriching, unique, and expansive. I really enjoyed reading a sample of your method and look forward to getting your book. -- Kooch Daniels, author of Tarot D'Amour and Matrix Meditations

I have always appreciated your website, Amazon reviews and service to the community; it is a very important and unique contribution. I have just started reading your book and am really taken with this very innovative approach to reading Tarot. I think it's this very creativity and versatility that attracted me to Tarot. The more of it I explore, the more taken with it I become. -- William H., Pennsylvania

I received the Back in Time Tarot book a few days ago from Amazon and read it cover to cover; it was that well-written and compelling! I have dozens of Tarot books--written by all the "greats" and "masters"--- I've amassed over the years, but I really can't recall any book being as practical and meaningful as this one. Your method is truly inspired. I think it is the freshest Tarot idea I have heard in years, and I have done 5-6 BIT analyses in the 2 weeks since I read the book. BTW, it's a superb way to really get to know a deck intimately. -- Emmy K.

Ms. Boyer, I'm a Brazilian Tarot reader and I believe your work is very important to all of us. I've learned a lot from your book. I do believe Back in Time Tarot is a very important book and a great source, for all of us professionals, to renew our passion for the cards. Have a happy New Year and best regard's from Rio de Janeiro! -- Alexandre Tarólogo, Brazil

I have many many Tarot books, probably not as many as you(!), and your BIT book stands above them all, in my opinion. I know I keep on about it, but what is it: the personal factor or your great writing or your insights and freedom with it? Probably all of them. I studied with BOTA for several years and must admit that since leaving them a couple of years ago that I found myself hemmed in a little with what Tarot was and what could be done with it. I think therefore that your book presented some keys of liberation in my perception of Tarot. -- Al, U.K.

Hey Janet, I was reading your book Back in Time Tarot. I live in Lebanon so I bought it from a library and loved your technique. It's simple and easy. It's been almost 2 weeks that I have finished. In about a week or 2 I have a speech that I have 2 give. It's about tarot, for the students of a class I'm taking at uni, so thank you for writing the book. It has helped me much. --  Mario Ghrayeb, Lebanon

From My Colleagues and Fellow Authors

Janet Boyer's BIT Tarot Method is truly innovative and a refreshing departure from traditional approaches to Tarot. Boyer's useful book, Back in Time Tarot, belongs in every Tarot collection. -- Stuart  R. Kaplan, author of The Encyclopedia of Tarot: Volumes I-IV

I find Back in Time Tarot a truly valuable addition to Tarot literature and yet another proof of the Tarot’s ability to constantly generate new ideas and perspectives. -- Philip Carr-Gomm, author of The DruidCraft Tarot, The Druid Plant Oracle, The Druid Animal Oracle and Sacred Places

The card-reading methods that Janet Boyer teaches in Back in Time Tarot are valuable, unique and much needed. I know that if I had read this book twenty years ago, my life would have been so much easier and less anxious. – Judika Illes, author of Pure Magic and The Element Encyclopedia of 5000 Spells

Janet Boyer's groundbreaking system provides a fresh approach to experiencing and using the Tarot. Back in Time Tarot is a significant contribution to the field for novice students and seasoned professionals alike.  I love what I’ve seen and can hardly wait to get my mitts on the final production! – Phyllis Vega, author of Power Tarot and Romancing the Tarot

Janet Boyer's BIT Method uses the power of choice to help you explore
the cards and your life in new ways. It's become a welcome addition to
my Tarot toolkit. – Joan Bunning, author of Learning the Tarot, Learning Tarot Reversals and Learning Tarot Spreads

Janet Boyer’s BIT Method is a refreshing approach to Tarot. Her innovative technique is user-friendly and yields amazing results. After working on my own BIT Snapshots, I see what a valuable tool this can be for people. I don't think I will ever look at tarot cards the same!  – Lisa Hunt, author/artist of Animals Divine Tarot and artist for Fantastical Creatures Tarot, Shapeshifter Tarot and Celtic Dragon Tarot

I can think of no better way to make the essence of Tarot archetypes instantly relevant to the world around us than the exercises found in Janet Boyer’s marvelous book Back in Time Tarot. – Lon Milo DuQuette, author of Understanding Aleister Crowley's Thoth Tarot

Janet Boyer's BIT Method is a powerful tool for exploring multiple aspects of any person or situation. It's especially good for gaining personal insight into the stories you live by. – Mary K. Greer, author of 21 Ways to Read a Tarot Card and Tarot for Your Self

What a great idea! The best way to learn Tarot is to live it, and Back in Time Tarot helps you do exactly that. Janet’s BIT Method is a fun, unique approach to relating the Tarot to our modern lives. Everyone should try it! – Teresa Michelsen, author of The Complete Tarot Reader and Designing Your Own Tarot Spreads

Janet's BIT Method is a superb experiential technique for both beginners and seasoned professionals alike. Fun yet deeply thought provoking, Back in Time Tarot really hit the spot! – Josephine Ellershaw, author of Easy Tarot

Janet Boyer’s Back in Time Tarot is wonderful.  Because hindsight is always 20/20, the student/seeker can easily learn the language of Tarot cards by reflecting on the past using the BIT Method and then easily use the cards to project into the future. – Wilma Carroll, author of The 2-Hour Tarot Tutor

All too many people associate the Tarot with simple (and sometimes scary) fortune telling. Janet Boyer’s Back in Time Tarot is a wonderful antidote to that view. Do you want greater insight into a past event, today’s headlines or a work of art? Use the Tarot! Janet’s BIT Method is a wonderful guide in introducing the reader to a fantastic Tarot adventure. Travel back in time, across the universe or across the room. As Janet so eloquently shows, all you need is your mind and the Tarot. – Nina Lee Braden, author of Tarot for Self Discovery

Online Reviews of The Back in Time Tarot Book

Editor Shari Harshberger's review for the
American Tarot Associations eZine Tarot Reflections
Michael Banuelos's Review
Deanna Joseph's Review at the Inspiration Site at BellaOnline.com
Cheryl Shainmark's Review at MerlianNews.com

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Below is the Table of Contents to The Back in Time Tarot Book

Table of Contents

Foreword by Monte Farber

Part I: Getting Started

Chapter 1: Getting to Know the Tarot

An Overview of Tarot Structure
Choosing a Tarot Deck
Reversed and Combined Cards
The Light-Shadow Continuum

Chapter 2: How to Use the BIT Method

What You’ll Need
What to Do
A Sample BIT Snapshot

Part II: The BIT Method in Action

Chapter 3: Personal Experiences

Finding My Way Back to Faith – Mark McElroy
Discovering the Tarot – Mary K. Greer
You Can Catch a Robin If You Put Salt on Its Tail – Ann Cass
The Cracked Spring – Janet Boyer
Overcoming Writer’s/Artist’s Block – Lisa Hunt
Journey Through the Dark Night of the Mind – Teresa Michelsen
Lawyers, the Police, a Judge—Oh My! – Wilma Carroll
Forget Going Out for a Cup of Coffee – Riccardo Minetti
The Struck Tower – Joan Bunning
The Arts Festival – Janet Boyer
Flying the Nest – Josephine Ellershaw
Selling House – Phyllis Vega
Treachery at the Office – Wilma Carroll
Learning to Ride a Bike – Janet Boyer
Unrequited Love – Zach Wong
The Year of the Tower Card – Lisa Hunt
No Hell – Janet Boyer
The Special Gift – Wilma Carroll

Chapter 4: Literature, TV, and Movies

Cinderella – Janet Boyer
Of Mice and Men – Nina Lee Braden
Mary Poppins – Janet Boyer
The Little Match Girl – Janet Boyer
Maeve: The Celtic Mary Magdalen – Elizabeth Cunningham
It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown! – Janet Boyer
The Wizard of Oz – Janet Boyer
How the Grinch Stole Christmas – Janet Boyer

Chapter 5: Headlines and History

Paris Hilton, Jailbird – Janet Boyer
Alexander Graham Bell: Inventor Extraordinaire – Janet Boyer
BTK: The Devil Personified – Janet Boyer
Crikey!: Steve Irwin, the Crocodile Hunter – Janet Boyer
9/11 – Lon Milo DuQuette

Chapter 6: Odds and Ends

U.S. States – Janet Boyer
Songs from the 1980s – Janet Boyer
Holidays, Dates, and Celebrations – Janet Boyer

Appendix: The Cards of the Universal Waite
Additional Recommended Books
Tarot Decks Referenced in This Book
About the Contributing Authors and Artists

Signed Copies of The Back in Time Tarot Book are available! If you'd like to order a copy,click on the button below. Cost is $15, which includes shipping and handling in the continental U.S. Don't forget to tell me which name you'd like me to sign the book to (if any), as well as your shipping address!

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The Back in Time Tarot Book:
Picture the Past, Experience the Cards, Understand the Present
by Janet Boyer
The Back in Time Tarot Book was chosen by OneSpirit Book Club Editors as the #5 Best Book of 2008! Click here to read all the rave reviews from bloggers and reviewers. Would you like a signed copy? Click here.

About Back in Time Tarot

WHO: Whether you're completely new to Tarot or are an advanced user, there's something for everyone in The Back in Time Tarot Book (Hampton Roads)! My innovative BIT (Back in Time) Method encourages you to experience Tarot cards on your own terms using memories, movies, pop culture, history, literature and more! In fact, many have written to me saying that my book has helped them come to terms with painful situations, deal with creative/personal blocks, understand their nighttime dreams, cultivate a practice of spiritual reflection, gain objectivity/insight into puzzling issues, and nurture their soul.

HOW: Using the Tarot deck of your choice, you can make any deck truly your "own" by connecting with the cards via your memories, overheard conversations, news items, biographical sketches, movies, books and more. Gone are hundreds of complicated, esoteric meanings you have to memorize. Instead, I offer an interactive, intuitive approach which allows you to "feel the truth" of the cards on your own terms.

WHY: Because for far too long, learning Tarot has been shrouded in mystery, esoterica and complicated theories. It can be difficult to apply everyday situations to mysterious card imagery. So why not start with YOU--and your memories, favorite books, historical events, movies and so on--for learning the cards outwardly.

With 35 BIT Snapshots featuring over 40 Tarot decks and over 100 Your Turn Exercises to help you experience my exciting BIT Method, The Back in Time Tarot Book is packed with entertaining, insightful and never-before-seen glimpses into the mysterious world of Tarot cards. It's available online at Amazon.com, Barnes and Noble, Borders and Books-a-Million. For those ordering elsewhere, including your favorite brick-and-mortar bookstore, the ISBN numbers are:

ISBN-10: 1571745874
ISBN-13: 978-1571745873

I've asked a few of my friends and colleagues to join in on the fun and contribute their own BIT Snapshot using my BIT Method. With BIT Snapshots ranging from poignant to comical, mysterious to sobering, these published authors, deck artists and Tarot experts include: Mary K. Greer, Joan Bunning, Lon Milo DuQuette, Lisa Hunt, Teresa Michelsen, Mark McElroy, Nina Lee Braden, Elizabeth Cunningham, Zach Wong, Ann Cass, Phyllis Vega, Wilma Carroll, Riccardo Minetti, and Josephine Ellershaw.

If you'd like to know more about my BIT Tarot Method, including a step-by-step example (excerpted from the Introduction to my book), click here. Click here to read Monte Farber's Foreword to my book. Click here to read additional praise and reviews for The Back in Time Tarot Book.

My book is also available from Amazon.com (click here). You can get the Kindle version here.

Back in Time Tarot features the entire Universal Waite deck reproduced in grayscale, as well as over a dozen Tarot authors and deck creators offering their own unique BIT Snaphots using Janet's innovative Back in Time (BIT) Method. 100+ practical exercises included, too!