The Back in Time Tarot Book Foreword by Monte Farber
Janet Boyer has read more Tarot books and seen more Tarot decks than anyone I know, so when she told me that she was writing a book of her own, I knew it was going to be something special. Her Back in Time (BIT) Method was even more amazing than I thought it would be—so amazing, in fact, that at first I didn’t get it, just like the first time I tried to play the guitar or, for that matter, the first time I tried to learn to read Tarot cards.

Making music and learning to read Tarot cards has changed my life in wondrous ways—made my life what it is, actually—so I’m not one to let a little thing like not “getting” something stop me in my quest and, after reading through the book, I’ve got it and I love it!

Janet’s inventive method benefits both novice and experienced Tarot readers. I actually consider myself both a novice (compared to where I will be in the future) and an expert—you’ve heard the expression “Zen mind, beginners mind!” There’s nothing better to shake up an expert in any subject out of their complacency and comfort level than a completely new way of looking at their area of expertise, and that is what Janet’s Back in Time Tarot Method has done for me. The list of Tarot authors and artists in this book who’ve contributed their own experiences with Janet’s Back in Time Tarot reads like a veritable Who’s Who of today’s exciting Tarot world, and I’m sure they’d agree with me that giving her BIT Method a whirl produced some unexpected insights and deep learning—and fun!

It’s the greatest time in the history of Tarot to be a reader. I really think that in our lifetime we’re going to see the disappearance of the ages-old negative associations of Tarot as occult and problematic to religious people. The computer age has so many benefits, and one that I’ve been availing myself of lately is explaining my attitude regarding reading Tarot cards as a variation on using a search engine like Google: You want to know something so you ask your question with the intention to receive the information you’re looking for, all the while knowing that you’re going to have to figure out which of the many answers you’re going to receive is the right one. People seem to finally “get it” when I put it that way.

Janet Boyer’s Back in Time Tarot allows everyone desirous of sharpening their intuitive inner “search engine” to give real meaning to the cards of whichever Tarot deck they choose to work with. It’s also one of the best methods I can imagine to help a newcomer to our ancient art to decide on which deck to use—not surprising coming from the Queen of Tarot’s encyclopedic understanding of the hundreds of Tarot decks available!

For newcomer and expert alike, working backwards from an event we think we know can help give new meanings to our Tarot deck, while at the same time offering valuable glimpses into a our subconscious assumptions, unexamined beliefs, and suppressed issues.

Quantum physics postulates that there is no reason why time can’t flow backwards, so that makes Janet’s Back in Time Tarot Method not only thoroughly enjoyable and illuminating, but scientifically based, too! If you’re like me, I’m sure you’re going to spend many hours working with the BIT Method. Like the Tarot itself, using it on a regular basis will answer your every question, increase in your intuitive abilities, and produce extraordinary life experiences.

Monte Farber - The Enchanted World

Author of The Enchanted Tarot, The Zerner-Farber Tarot Deck, The Instant Tarot Reader, The True Love Tarot, and The Tarot Discovery Kit