Bibliomancy - Divination With Books
Bibliomancy is a form of divination that uses sacred books to obtain answers to questions. The word bibliomancy is derived from the Greek word biblos, which means paper or book.    

For thousands of years, Jews and Christians have the used the Bible for divination purposes; with eyes closed, the individual thinks of a question--or asks it aloud--and then opens the Bible at random to obtain an answer. Usually, there are two methods used for obtaining insight from Bibliomancy. With the first, the querent opens their eyes and the first word or words that their eyes fall upon on are the answer to the question. The second method is to run a finger down the page, eyes still closed, until the querent feels to stop. Upon opening the eyes, the first passage that is seen is the answer to the question.   

The Bible isn't the only sacred book that can be used for Bibliomancy. Other texts that can be use include the Bhagavad Gita, Koran, Sephir Yetzirah, Tibetan Book of the Dead, Upanishads, Dead Sea Scrolls, Gnostic Scriptures, and other religious texts.  

Bibliomancy is related to a form of divination known as Rhapsodomancy which is a form of divination that uses literature to obtain answers to questions. Rhapsodomancy is a form of Bibliomancy, except that this form of divination is usually associated with consulting poetry, song lyrics, or literature.

Some psychics and diviners use the world Rhapsodomancy as a method of divination to only be performed with works of poetry. Others, however, use Rhapsodomancy with metaphysical books such as the works of Edgar Cayce, the I Ching, Nostradamus, etc. The word rhapsodomancy is derived from the Greek word rhapsodia, which means rhapsody.

In modern times, however, many use Rhapsodomancy with any fiction or non-fiction book. My husband recently had an amazing experience with this form of Bibliomancy: his Grandmother had just died, and he was grieving. He saw a duplicate galley copy of a book that I tossed in the bedroom trash can, and felt to ask a question. He asked "Is my Grandma happy?" He closed his eyes, opened the book, and then opened his eyes. The first words his eyes fell upon yielded an amazing message: looking terrestrially. I told him that his Grandma was obviously gazing upon terra firma, and letting him know that she was just fine.

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