Bird Cards - Jane Toerien and Joyce Van Dobben
“You are moving on the wings of Light to a new harmonic. We know about sound, and we know about flight. We can lift you up and help you fly. These Bird Cards are given to you all to connect with us, so that we can begin our task of moving you to this lighter expression of yourselves. We do things joyously, so this will be joyous too. Each of you is beautiful beyond your present very limited conception of yourselves. We see the beauty in you; we know where you have come from and we know where you are going—come with us.” – From the Bird Cards companion book

Marrying the insightful prose of South African author Jane Toerian with the soft, colorful renderings of Netherlander Joyce Van Dobben, the Bird Cards box set is a gentle yet powerful gift from the bird realm. From Robin to Crow, Hummingbird to the Phoenix, the Bird Cards oracle deck offers 55 cards dedicated to imparting feathered wisdom to the human realm.

The 159-page companion book provides affirmations and messages from each bird, as well as seven comprehensive spreads, artist notes and the fascinating introduction into the creation and birth of the Bird Cards set.

By tapping into the overlighting consciousness of each bird through divination, intention or affirmation, we can gain both wide perspective and minute insight into whatever concerns or perplexes us. For example, if you draw the Duck card, you may be extremely hard on yourself and the overlighting Duck energy wants to alert you to ways that you are self-destructive—and where, and why, you need to give yourself more credit and support.

Or perhaps the Divine is prodding you to identify discord in your life, and by drawing the Thrush card, its overlighting consciousness encourages you to soothe dissonant tones with the antidote of healing melody, light-heartedness, harmony and laughter.

Here are several other feathered friends featured in the Bird Cards box set:

• Pigeon
• Dove
• Eagle
• Owl
• Lark
• Sparrow
• Nightingale
• Ibis
• Pelican
• Goose
• Heron
• Oriole
• Turkey
• Vulture
• Raven
• Wren
• Rooster
• Partridge
• Lovebird

From relationships to life purpose, parenting to career, Bird Cards serve as an extraordinary tool for insight, clarity and comfort. I’ve used this kit several times over the last few months and always find the messages extremely accurate and pointed. Over the last few years, I’ve experimented with a handful of animal-oriented oracle decks, but this one has been—by far—the most comprehensive, precise and uplifting.

Nature has many messengers and the Bird Cards oracle deck can help you tap into the special energy of foresight and perception found in the feathered kingdom. If you have a special affinity for the element Air or the bird realm, the Bird Cards set will undoubtedly inspire, delight and gently challenge you.

Below are 13 cards from the Bird Cards deck:

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