It's more than OK to be a BITCH.

Babe - You are woman. Let's hear you ROAR.
           The times demand it. The earth needs
us in order to surive.
R - Reach Higher
O - Overcome Obstacles
A - Ascertain & Achieve Goals
R - Release Your Greatness

In - As within, so without. As above, so below.
Create order inside to better navigate
the chaos outside.

Total - Balance logic, instinct, intuition and heart.
Align Mind, Body and Spirit with your
personal values.

Control - Eliminate triggers.
No one can push a button that's not there.

Herself - Know yourself. Respect yourself.
Who are you? What are your innate
strengths? Stand up. Take your place.

If you think BITCH equals "mean" or a ball-buster, you're misinformed. Women need to take back the term. Make it ours.

That's where I come in.

I've been through the hard knocks of life. Ready to turn 50 in November 2020. Experienced things like widowhood, a child diagnosed with special needs, poverty, childhood abuse, instutional sexism as a former pastor...You get the picture. (Learn more about me here).

As a strong, confident, decisive, outspoken woman--I've been called a "bitch". Those who won't stand in their own power are threatened by those who have it--so they call us names.

So if we're likely to be called a "bitch", why not own it...but on our own terms: BITCH. Babe In Total Control of Herself.

My ideal clients are:

1. Ready for a life overhaul
2. Mostly "renovated" and ready to make a difference

Examples (might this be you?):

1. Ready to get rid of the shit that's holding you back
2. Ready to embrace confidence and self-possesion
3. Ready to learn to say "no"...and mean it
4. Ready to get clear on your core values
5. Ready to align your life with your core values
6. Ready to create a meaningful life purpose
7. Ready to increase optimism and hope

Each of the above has one word in common.


Are you ready?

To be a BITCH?

The world needs you--and no one (especially your magnficent self) benefits from you playing small.

To get on the waiting list to work with me as your
Bitch Coach, email to let me know. Only 5 slots open.