Bohemian Cats - Karen Mahony and Alex Ukolov
“Not too long ago, but most definitely before you were born, the world was quite a different place. In a distant land called Bohemia, Cats ruled over all: good King Furr governed with a firm but kind paw, Court Scientist Sir Walter Whisker wrote papers on ‘The Human—myth or reality?’ Prince Scratch strolled the lush gardens dreaming of his future reign, and of course, Lady Purrla though herself the most beautiful kitty at the ball.” – From the book

Courtyards and libraries, ballrooms and gardens, lavishly costumed felines parade about in the enchanted world of Bohemian Cats. In this Catdom The Human inspires whispers and speculation, for the hairless, tailless ones are mostly the stuff of legend (and puppets!).

King Furr’s favorite bird has gone missing. Believing it to be stolen, King Furr charges Sir Walter Whisker—Court Scientist and occasional alchemist—to find the household pet. While housecats also scurry to find the missing bird, King Furr throws a costume ball to catch the bird thief red-pawed. “I haven’t seen you in seven lives!” one feline exclaims. “Who did your fur?” asks another.

Gilded chariots and majestic steeds, ornate sitting rooms and exquisite architecture—these and cats of various color and temperament exist in the magical world of Bohemian Cats.

Karen Mahony and Alex Ukolov, founders of baba studio in Prague, spin a fanciful tale of absurdity, intrigue, and romance. A hardcover book featuring panoramic pullouts, a gold ribbon bookmark, and beautiful photography, Bohemian Cats will satisfy the cravings of collectors of all things feline, as well as cat lovers of all ages. Enthusiasts of the Baroque Bohemian Cats’ Tarot will no doubt enjoy this book, for many cats that grace that deck also make an appearance in Bohemian Cats! Interestingly a few of the cards from the deck also make an appearance in this book, lying strewn on the floor while Prince Scratch, resident party animal, sleeps late.

My only misgiving about this book—and it is only a slight one—is that the story seemed a bit forced, as if the tale was constructed around existing images (perhaps already created for the Tarot deck?). I don’t know which came first—the deck or the book—but since I reviewed the deck before the book, this was my impression as I read this whimsical Bohemian Cats.

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