Praise and Reviews for Janet's  Back in Time Tarot Book
Janet Boyer's BIT Tarot Method is truly innovative and a refreshing departure from traditional approaches to Tarot. Boyer's useful book, Back in Time Tarot, belongs in every Tarot collection. -- Stuart  R. Kaplan, author of The Encyclopedia of Tarot: Volumes I-IV

The best ideas are often the simplest. One shift in perspective and everything changes. And this is what Janet Boyer has done: everyone uses the Tarot to explore the future, but Janet has had the brilliant idea of using it to explore the past, and she has created a method to do this which is quick and exciting and which succeeds in unearthing hidden memories and details. By doing this we not only explore the richness of our past, but learn to experience the cards in a deeper more personal way, which then improves our skill as a Tarot reader. I find Back in Time Tarot a truly valuable addition to Tarot literature and yet another proof of the Tarot’s ability to constantly generate new ideas and perspectives. -- Philip Carr-Gomm, author of The DruidCraft Tarot, The Druid Plant Oracle, The Druid Animal Oracle and Sacred Places

When there are so many good tarot books on the market it’s a real treat to find one that says something totally and uniquely original. This isn’t to belittle what’s available but if like me and you’ve been dealing with the Tarot for almost thirty years, you begin to find that each new title, however excellent it may be, only embellishes what you already know with a choice selection of extra insights. Janet Boyer’s Back in Time Tarot Book is something quite different. It’s one of those rare titles that manages to tread well-worn territory whilst turning all your maps on their heads. It is truly original... (Click here to read the rest of Chris's review) -- Chris Butler, illustrator of five Tarot decks, including the highly-anticipated Quantum Tarot by Kunati

This fresh, original approach to experiencing the cards is as fun as it is informative. Tarot enthusiasts of all levels will find the BIT Method a valuable technique to add to their tarot education and practice. Janet Boyer has written a gem of a book with Back in Time Tarot-- Ruth Ann & Wald Amberstone Directors of The Tarot School and authors of Tarot Tips and The Secret Language of Tarot

Lively, stimulating and fun, The Back in Time Tarot Book invites us to choose cards to picture our own past, present and future. A good Tarot reader needs to draw widely from their own experiences, and Janet Boyer’s method provides a powerful new way of recognizing real-life situations in the cards. Packed full of a fascinating range of contributions from a virtual “who’s who” of the Tarot world, this is a must read for those wanting to make their Tarot experience both more personal and more profound. -- Karen Mahony, Tarot author and creator of The Victorian Romantic Tarot, The Baroque Bohemian Cats' Tarot, The Bohemian Gothic Tarot and many other decks

I thoroughly enjoyed Janet Boyer’s fascinating book, Back in Time Tarot. Janet takes her many years of experience and knowledge of Tarot, and passes them on generously with a warm and down to earth writing style, which instantly engages the reader. The Back in Time (BIT) Method, which is the focus of the book, is a wonderfully refreshing approach to Tarot that any reader or Tarot enthusiast will just be itching to try themselves!... (Click here to read the rest of Emily's review) – Emily Carding, creator and artist of The Transparent Tarot

  Reading Janet Boyer's Back In time Tarot is like talking tarot with a good friend.  In an accessible and engaging style, Janet describes her Back in Time (BIT) Tarot Method and shares her own readings.  There are also a stellar collection of guest readings from tarot luminaries such as Mary Greer, Mark McElroy and Lisa Hunt.

Janet says that her BIT Method—which came to her while taking a bubble bath!—involves "Deconstructing memories and then consciously choosing Tarot cards to represent their components can forge a deeply personal link between a person and individual cards."  She explains how to associate personal memories with the cards, chosen consciously for their instinctive association with those memories.  The method involves breaking down a memory or an experience into its component elements, choosing a card for each of those parts. The BIT Method is playful and fun, but also a powerful and experiential way of learning and understanding the Tarot.  It encourages a personal, intuitive approach to learning the cards rather than relying on a particular system or set of associations.  I found Janet's book fascinating and refreshing, and I can't wait to apply the BIT Method to my readings. – Kay Stopforth, creator of the Quantum Tarot and author of its companion book

Janet Boyer’s Back in Time Tarot Book promises a LOT: "Whether you are completely new to Tarot or are an experienced Tarotist, the BIT Method will forever change the way you look at Tarot cards... utilizing the BIT Method will increase and sharpen your innate intuitive abilities... [it] is a technique for experiencing the Tarot, not learning it... the BIT Method not only makes me a better Tarot reader, but also aids me in becoming a more self-aware and compassionate person".

Well, this book does deliver all this, and even more. It introduces a new use of Tarot other than divination. An alternative way of playing. A profound way of looking at one's life events and experiences. A refreshing habit of making connections between visuals, sounds, words, memories, emotions. The most significant part for me though, was the presence of healing attributes. The BIT Method is not an innocent game—it has a manner of touching you deeply, staying with you, and being available whenever you need it.

Both newcomers and masters can benefit from this method, and it even works for those that don't believe! The Back in Time Tarot Book takes advantage of all the diverse richness that the various different decks have to offer. It stimulates and lets loose a burst of your creativity. If you decide to give it a try and play, be certain, that no sense of yours will be left untouched. I recommend Back in Time Tarot to anyone who loves Tarot and appreciates symbolic living. I definitely enjoyed the book, and really added a new value to things... not just tarot! – Monicka Clio Sakki, creator and artist of The Sakki-Sakki Tarot

It is a rare Tarot book that presents a new and different way to learn and explore the Tarot. The Back in Time Tarot is one such book.  Janet’s BIT Method– and the many engaging sample explorations using it—shows beginning Tarot readers how to develop their own personal connections to the cards, while also leading experienced Tarot readers on a surprising journey of discovery. Whatever your level of Tarot expertise, after reading this book, you'll gain valuable new perspectives on the cards. – James Ricklef, award-winning author of Tarot Tells the Tale and Tarot: Get the Whole Story, as well as the creator of the Tarot of the Masters deck

Janet Boyer's Back in Time Tarot Book is a ground-breaking new way to use Tarot to add meaning and make sense of our lives. What has happened to us in our life has a major influence on who we are. Janet's BIT Method empowers even a complete Tarot novice to use a deck's archetypical images to analyze those events, both large and small, that have lodged deep in our memories and have had a lasting influence. By choosing cards that remind us of aspects of a situation in our past, we can look with fresh eyes for the reasons why that event happened, and its impact on the person we've become. (Click here to read the rest of Kat's review) -- Kat Black, creator of the popular and critically acclaimed Golden Tarot and the forthcoming Touchstone Tarot

The card-reading methods that Janet Boyer teaches in Back in Time Tarot are valuable, unique and much needed. I know that if I had read this book twenty years ago, my life would have been so much easier and less anxious. – Judika Illes, author of Pure Magic and The Element Encyclopedia of 5000 Spells

Janet Boyer's groundbreaking system provides a fresh approach to experiencing and using the Tarot. Back in Time Tarot is a significant contribution to the field for novice students and seasoned professionals alike.  I love what I’ve seen and can hardly wait to get my mitts on the final production! – Phyllis Vega, author of Power Tarot and Romancing the Tarot

Janet Boyer's BIT Method uses the power of choice to help you explore
the cards and your life in new ways. It's become a welcome addition to
my Tarot toolkit. – Joan Bunning, author of Learning the Tarot, Learning Tarot Reversals and Learning Tarot Spreads

Janet Boyer’s BIT Method is a refreshing approach to Tarot. Her innovative technique is user-friendly and yields amazing results. After working on my own BIT Snapshots, I see what a valuable tool this can be for people. I don't think I will ever look at tarot cards the same!  – Lisa Hunt, author/artist of Animals Divine Tarot and artist for Fantastical Creatures Tarot, Shapeshifter Tarot and Celtic Dragon Tarot

I can think of no better way to make the essence of Tarot archetypes instantly relevant to the world around us than the exercises found in Janet Boyer’s marvelous book Back in Time Tarot. – Lon Milo DuQuette, author of Understanding Aleister Crowley's Thoth Tarot

Janet Boyer's BIT Method is a powerful tool for exploring multiple aspects of any person or situation. It's especially good for gaining personal insight into the stories you live by. – Mary K. Greer, author of 21 Ways to Read a Tarot Cardand Tarot for Your Self

Janet Boyer's Back in Time Tarot not only opens a new way of understanding Tarot but of storytelling itself. I recommend the BIT Method to novelists seeking to overcome writer's block, to poets in search of inspiration, and to counselors who seek to encourage their clients to re-claim and re-create their own life stories. –  Elizabeth Cunningham, author of Wild Mercy: Tarot Inspired Musings, The Maeve Chronicles and counselor in private practice

What a great idea! The best way to learn Tarot is to live it, and Back in Time Tarot helps you do exactly that. Janet’s BIT Method is a fun, unique approach to relating the Tarot to our modern lives. Everyone should try it! – Teresa Michelsen, author of The Complete Tarot Reader and Designing Your Own Tarot Spreads

Janet's BIT Method is a superb experiential technique for both beginners and seasoned professionals alike. Fun yet deeply thought provoking, Back in Time Tarot really hit the spot! – Josephine Ellershaw, author of Easy Tarot

Janet Boyer’s Back in Time Tarot is wonderful.  Because hindsight is always 20/20, the student/seeker can easily learn the language of Tarot cards by reflecting on the past using the BIT Method and then easily use the cards to project into the future. – Wilma Carroll, author of The 2-Hour Tarot Tutor

All too many people associate the Tarot with simple (and sometimes scary) fortune telling. Janet Boyer’s Back in Time Tarot is a wonderful antidote to that view. Do you want greater insight into a past event, today’s headlines or a work of art? Use the Tarot! Janet’s BIT Method is a wonderful guide in introducing the reader to a fantastic Tarot adventure. Travel back in time, across the universe or across the room. As Janet so eloquently shows, all you need is your mind and the Tarot. – Nina Lee Braden, author of Tarot for Self Discovery

The rest of Chris Butler's review: How do most of us first encounter the Tarot? For me, it was through watching a James Bond film where a beautiful fortuneteller shuffled the cards, selected at random and used the upturned cards to foretell the future. Of course, I soon realised it’s not that simple. The Tarot is a powerful tool for shedding insight on past, present and future but fundamental to its application is the principle of randomness—or so I thought prior to reading Janet’s book.

The Back in Time Tarot Book is the ultimate “card reversal” of the Tarot world. Rather than relying on random selection, Janet encourages you to take control of the Tarot deck and use it as a tool to illuminate your past through means of deliberate card selection. As such, she has given us a powerful tool for self-understanding.

Her Back in Time (BIT) Method involves selecting an incident from your past, summarising it into a “snapshot” by identifying the key points you wish to clarify and then selecting cards to represent these key points. Cards are selected either based on their traditional meanings or alternatively, because of your intuitive response to the images themselves.

One aspect that impressed me greatly was the author’s emphasis on card combinations. I frequently work with Lenormand cards as well as with the Tarot and here, card combinations are paramount. An individual card such as the Coffin can mean something very different on its own to when it’s paired with a card such as the Heart. So it is with Janet’s BIT Method. If an aspect of your “snapshot” is too complex to be represented by a single card then you’re encouraged to select two or more that connect together for you on an intuitive level.

The benefits of this method are far reaching. In creating a symbolic “photo album” of such key past events in your life, the tarot symbols you select will often uncover aspects of your past you hadn’t realised or acknowledged. I’ve also found that in using this method I’ve begun to build up a whole new raft of personalised card meanings and associations that I’ve been able to bring back to my conventional readings.

The proof of the pudding is in the eating as they say. In this respect, Back in Time Tarot is almost self-endorsing. The first section is Janet herself, laying out the BIT Method whilst the second part is based around a stellar array of other Tarot writers and artists writing on their usage of Janet’s methodology and providing their own BIT Snapshots. Names include Mary K. Greer, Monte Farber, Zach Wong, Lisa Hunt, Riccardo Minetti and Joan Bunning amongst others. What better seal of approval could you get than this? Each of their accounts is carefully framed by Janet’s own commentary on their experiences.

Adding to the goody bag are further exercises, where the BIT Method is applied to a range of other events such as current affairs coverage or movie storylines. It’s amazing what the cards can say in such situations!

This is a truly clever book, well written and presented in a way that showcases not only Janet’s infectious enthusiasm, but also the respect and enthusiasm for her BIT Method shown by some of the world’s best Tarot writers and artists. Add this to your bookshelf whenever you get the chance. If, like me, you had fallen into the trap of thinking there wasn’t much more to learn, this book will soon prove you wrong. It’s a winner in every way. - Chris Butler, illustrator of five Tarot decks, including the highly-anticipated Quantum Tarot by Kunati

The rest of Emily Carding's review: The bulk of Back in Time Tarot is made from various examples of this method in action, not only from Janet herself, but also some very well known names from the Tarot world, such as Lon Milo Duquette, Lisa Hunt, and Mary Greer. This gives great insight into not only the many possible ways to perceive a card, but also a fascinatng peek at how these great Tarot minds think! Janet’s book, and the BIT Method, gently encourage you to think outside the normal strictures and methods of Tarot, teaching us to look at the cards in a new way. This method can help novices really start to understand and acquire their own personal meanings for the cards, and offers experts a much needed refreshing new angle to take. Rather than learning by rote from a book of essential meanings, we are encouraged to look at situations from our life and THINK for ourselves about which cards would describe or evoke that situation, thus enabling us to build up our own database of very personal meanings. This has enormous potential for improving reading skills and understanding of Tarot, which can be daunting for some. I would heartily recommend this book and Janet’s innovative BIT Method to anyone with an interest in Tarot, an open mind, and willingness to learn. You won’t be disappointed! – Emily Carding, creator and artist of The Transparent Tarot

The rest of Kat Black's review:Some of my personal favorites were Ann Cass's You Can Catch a Robin If You Put Salt on Its Tail and Mary Greer's Discovering the Tarot, although many of the BIT Snapshots in the book showed how Janet’s BIT Method can be helpful even in dealing with painful memories and life challenges. For example, Teresa Michelsen's Journey through the Dark Night of the Mind detailed an inspiring journey of learning to deal with life when suffering chronic pain.

Both Janet Boyer and Mark McElroy's very personal and revealing stories about their deep sense of satisfaction as they discovered a more inclusive version of Christianity were very uplifting to read.

The Back in Time Tarot Book is also a fascinating collection of highly insightful tales from Tarot icons—but don't let that put you off if you're new to Tarot. The wonder of Janet’s BIT Method is that is works even if you have no idea of the traditional “meanings” for each of the cards. The important thing is that they act as visual triggers, sparking insights from your subconscious.

The human mind is more complex than any computer, and Janet’s BIT Tarot Method could help you to find important messages from your past that you thought you'd forgotten. They are all part of who you are.  -- Kat Black, creator of the popular and critically acclaimed Golden Tarot and the forthcoming Touchstone Tarot