What Is the Boyer Charming Oracle?

We're glad you asked! The Boyer Charming Oracle (in its 10th run!) is a divination tool using 60+ charms--not based on any pre-existing system, but sprouted right from the mind of its creators.
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Who are the creators?

Janet Boyer is the chief mastermind of Team Boyer. She can't stop creating empowering tools! She does a lot of stuff (I mean, a lot). You can learn more about her here.

Mr. Noah is the son of Janet and Ron. He's posed for the Snowland Deck (look for his appearance as a snow angel in the Calling card, as well as in the 10 Emoting "Happy Family" image) and created a Chillaxin card for the Limited Edition. He helps model and photograph for his parents' decks, too (check him out in the 4 of Fire card in the Coffee Tarot). Noah contributed keywords to the Boyer Charming Oracle, and helps out his Mom with sorting charms and opening packages (Janet has severe tendonitis, rendering her hands almost useless at times!). Noah enjoys playing piano (he's written 7 original pieces), reading, designing and studying both "old fashioned" and "new fashioned" technology. $10 of every full Boyer Charming Oracle set will go to this handsome guy for his savings account and education.

And this is Mr. Ron, husband of Janet and father of Noah. And sometimes, dyer of hair and beard. (Mostly, he keeps it natural silver). Although Ron has done massive amounts of work for the Snowland Deck and Coffee Tarot, he's not done a whole lot with the Boyer Charming Oracle. But, since he took a few hours to contribute keywords, encourages the heck out of his family and does all the shipping--Janet thought it only right to include his name, too. Ron's site is RonBoyerArt.com. He holds down a full-time muggle job, but his heart is always in creation--wood, canvas, clay, paint, food...you name it.

But you want to know more about the Boyer Charming Oracle...right? Well, like I said, it's not like any other oracle out there. We've taken 60+ different charms and ascribed extensive keywords to each, culling interpretations from our intuition, common associations and pop culture. (Click here for praise and ways Charmers our using our oracle). Below is a snapshot of the Boyer Charming Oracle Keywords .pdf:

Janet has created (and will continue to create) Casting Circles and Spread Sheets for the Boyer Charming Oracle--and add charms at no cost. It's our belief that dropping or throwing charms on generalized sheets yields ambiguous, confusing and often useless results. (Yes, Janet has tried it.) Instead, Team Boyer advocates having a specific area or question in mind first, then drawing random charms for your interpretation. (Although if you're a fan of fortunetelling and charm dropping, you can continue to do that, if you want!).

When you choose to acquire the fabulous Boyer Charming Oracle, you gain entrance into a super-secret Facebook group where you can download more spreads and charts (as Janet creates them), practice your readings, get feedback from other Charmers (hey, you get a nickname,too!), create your own casting sheets, share your insights, invent stories or poems and have fun. Yes, loads of fun. If you're already a member of one of Janet's secret Facebook groups, you know that fun is imperative. Serious, glorious, illuminating FUN.

The Boyer Charming Oracle Comes With:

  • 60+ Unique Charms (silvertone, goldtone, antique bronze, enamel
  • Gold Swirl Metallic Organdy Pouch
  • Extensive Keywords List .pdf
  • Seven Casting/Spread Sheets - Zodiac, 7 Chakras, Justice, Lone Wolf, Hermit, Whatsa Matta? and Diamond Clarity
  • Entrance into the secret Facebook group, where you can practice with the charms and post/play intuitive exercises

Note: Due to availability from suppliers (or lack thereof),
some charms pictured may not be in current sets!

All of this creative, illuminating fun for only:

$55 (U.S.)
$75 (Elsewhere)

Gorgeous charms that can be used for divination,
storytelling, inspiration and insight...in any season!

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Harnessing the Power of Animal Messages
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$85 (Elsewhere)

Any questions? Feel free to email Janet! (But she tried really hard to make this page as clear as she could. You may need to read this page several times. It's a lot of info, we know!).

Praise and Ways Charmers Our Using Our Original Oracle:

I uploaded pictures of some charms and I am using them for positive affirmations on my Vision board on Pinterest. You can check out my vision board here if you'd like to re-pin my affirmations. -- Samantha Tate

I'm continuing to use my Boyer Charming Oracle for intentions/manifestations. Yesterday I found this nifty glass locket at Hobby Lobby and it makes carrying a couple of charms much more elegant. I had to bring my car into the shop today and was hoping for a lucky outcome, hence the car and the four leaf clover. It also helps that the car charm looks like a Beetle because that's what I drive!

I've also started storing my Boyer Charming Oracle in this small wooden box that I bought on a trip to California many years ago. It fits perfectly! I added the magnets to keep it closed tightly so the charms can't spill out when I travel with them. -- Zachary Flack

Daily Draw Using Boyer Charming Oracle
Pulled 5: Camera, Y (Yes), Tea Pot, Iron, House
Method: Reading intuitively to see what message comes forth, no spread or spread positions. Summary Message: I took a snap shot of my life, did an assessment, and accepted it was time for some changes. I am saying yes to making steps toward change by nurturing myself, creating better health habits and routines in my life, and making my home a sacred place that nurtures my soul. I will work to create new experiences and memories that leave better snapshots behind. -- Teresa

On the Horizon

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