The Breathe Easy Deck - Amy Zerner and Monte Farber
“With The Breathe Easy Deck, gentle reminders to breathe deeply are right at your fingertips. The exercises on these cards are vital to a daily holistic practice. We advocate picking one card a day upon arising in the morning and practicing the exercise written on it before you start your other efforts to get ready for the day.” – Amy Zerner and Monte Farber

Many religious traditions and cultures have similar words for “breath” and “spirit”. Amy Zerner and Monte Farber—known as “The Enchanted Couple”—recognize and celebrate this interconnection in The Breathe Easy Deck.

Featuring 36 affirmation cards, this deck provides easy breathing exercises and visualizations to enhance energy and relaxed concentration. On the front of the cards, images of Amy’s beautiful tapestries are nestled amidst vibrant borders of varying shades of blue. The back of the cards are canary yellow with affirmations and meditations in blue script.

Some of the themes and affirmations from this deck include:

Balance – I am balanced.

Everything in moderation, nothing in excess; this is the way to lead a life of quality and meaning.

I breathe in the perfection of the earth, the water, and the sky. I am filled with nature’s grand design. I breathe out my self-destructive tendencies.

Openness – I am open.

When we open ourselves up to the truth, we show real faith—and then miracles can happen.

I breathe in the faith that things that I do not know and cannot see at this time will work out for the best. I am filled with receptiveness. I breathe out close-mindedness.

An Eastern flair graces The Breathe Easy Deck and the cards come in a box like that of the Healing Dec where the top lifts off. Unlike the Healing Deck, however, these cards remove easily from the box, which is good news for those with arthritis or carpal tunnel.

If you are drawn to exercises where you “breathe in” one concept and “breathe out” another, you’ll likely enjoy The Breathe Easy Deck. The interesting thing is that I once heard a spiritual teacher say that when someone “breathes out” a form of “negativity” that they’re participating in energetic/spiritual pollution. This Buddhist teacher made the case for breathing IN difficulties, transmuting them from within, and then breathing out good vibes and positive thoughts. To be honest, this makes much more sense to me than breathing out the “bad” and polluting the energetic environment.

Still, if you’d like to increase mindfulness through breathing and affirmations, The Breathe Easy Deck may appeal to your preferences.

Below are six images from this deck:

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