Buddha Café
Great for chillin’ out, Buddha Café is an eclectic mix of ethno-grooves and East meets West electronica. This CD compilation features 10 songs from various IntenCity artists with a run time of 56:61.

1. Karma Shabda by No Noise – The Enigma-like song showcases a gentle, insistent beat, spacey synths, and feathery percussion. Caribbean dialect pepper this song with spoken words like “What is right and what is wrong?”, “Karma”, and “In an ocean of joy”.

2. Static Apparition by Govinda – Soul-funk electronica, synth wah-wah, and spiraling didgeridoo accompanies flavors of Eastern ecstasy. Interspersed through the down-groove are sounds of immersive bubbling.

3. New Day Rising by Lotus – “I can see what’s on your mind, you’re not telling me the truth, that you’re leaving me behind, without a trace of you. There’s a new day rising…rising, rising without you…rising…” Silky female vocals coupled with a relaxing dance beat.

4. Secrets of Tantra by Ikarus – Electro ethno-grooves with Eastern vocal accents escalate up, down and around to an exotic beat.

5. Bolo Hari (Dharma Dogz Remix) by Prem Joshua – Beautiful piano electronica hints at Tibet, African and India as its rolling current sweeps through the café.

6. Just a Love by Masala – Jazzy sounds of soaring piano and wooden flutes underscored by a muted background of mellow dance rhythm.

7. Ocean of Joy by Ikarus – Transcendent, catchy, and pulsating, ethno-grooves mixed with lilting vocals.

8. Forbidden Love (Govinda remix) by Omar Faruk Tekbilek – Female voices used as instruments evoke a Turkish flavor in this otherworldly tune.

9. Elixir for Sunsets by Phobos – Dreamy vocals, ethereal synths, and transcendent, hypnotic rhythms. One of my favorite songs on the CD!

10. Star Gazer (Phobos Remix) by The Spirit Level – Majestic feel of liquid sitars and a caravan of lush melodies embodies this song. Excellent “feel good” song evoking feelings of hopefulness and optimism.

11. Eastern Girl by Waterborne –  Deep bass grooves, pulsating beats, and ethereal synths interlace with words in a foreign tongue. Another favorite of mine!

12. Vittorio Square by Upanishad – Bongo beats, catchy piano, haunting female vocals, and an uplifting melody. What more can you ask for?

Buddha Café is a great CD. Check it out, and chill out.(To hear excerpts from this CD, click here.

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