Busy Bees at Work and Play - M. Maitland DeLand
“Mama Bee was headed out of the house,
When Bambina Bee grabbed the sleeve of her blouse.
‘Momma, why do you have to work today?’
Why can’t you stay home and play?’” – From Busy Bees at Work and Play

In the adorable book Busy Bees at Work and Play, author M. Maitland DeLand takes children on a rhyming tour around town, showing bees performing all kinds of work.

From Letter Carrier Bee to Farmer Bee, Chef Bee to Ferryboat Bee, the townsfolk keep the town running smoothly by doing their respective jobs.

But it’s not all work in the neighborhood!

Mama points out that each of the bees—Policeman Bee, Computer Bee, Bus Driver Bee, and so on—also likes to play at the end of the day, asking Bambina if she can guess what each likes to do.

Tucked somewhere near each busy bee is a clue to how each plays at the end of the day. For example, there’s a kite near Fireman Bee’s truck, so we know he likes to fly kites at the end of the day. Slung over her shoulder, Zookeeper Bee’s bag contains yarn and crochet needles, so we can guess she likes to knit after work!

With colorful illustrations by Lyn Martin, Busy Bees at Work and Play tells a delightful story filled with various occupations and hobbies, showing children that it takes many types of people to keep a town up and running—and that every bee enjoys different ways to relax and play after a hard day’s work. The sing-song rhyming prose will no doubt keep children engaged, as will the brightly colored art and whimsically rendered bees.

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