Call of the Mystic - Karunesh
"Within each of us is a loving, magical, powerful being...a Real Self. Music, friend that it is, cocoons us from our worries, enabling that hidden self to emerge." -- From the liner notes of Call Of The Mystic

Call of the Mystic is the first CD by Karunesh that I've had the pleasure of listening to. Karunesh (Sanskrit for compassion) spent 5 years living in an ashram in Germany, where he learned from, and played together with, musicians from all over the world.

Call of the Mystic offers a decidely Eastern/Indian flavor with the beautiful instrumentation of bells, chimes, Tibetan bowls, sitar, sarod and Chinese instruments, bansuri flute and Indian violin. Many of the songs start quite slow, with a singular instrument in the foreground, then gently builds up--promoting a sense of calm and well-being. I listened to this CD after a stressful time, and after I was done, I felt refreshed and centered.

There are 8 songs on this CD, with a length of 50 minutes and 45 seconds:

For The Joy Of It All

This song begins with gentle chimes and a low bass rumble. A rich, Indian tapestry forms the background as the rhythm picks up with soft drums and sitar (a type of Indican guitar made out of a gourd and metal strings). I felt as though Karunesh was telling a story through the music--a story of the Mystic and the inner/outer journey that one must take in the process of enlightenment.

Hearing You Now

Magical chimes, flute, and piano weave an almost mournful sound that takes you by the hand and leads you back to yourself.

Monsoon's Dance

Violin, drums, and piano enhance this song which feels like a celebration of the Earth, capturing the murmuring insistence of a refreshing monsoon.

Mount Kailash

This beautiful soundscape begins with pipes, then chimes and crystal bowls. Synthesizers and sitar gently enter the piece, reminiscent of the majestic stillness of a mountain. I put the headphones on my 6 year old during this song, and he was captivated. (Away from his children's video, no less!)

Sunrise At The Ganges

Featuring the sarod (a many-stringed Indian lute) and bansuri (flute), this song evoked feelings of the first hint of daylight and the majestic crescendo of the sun making its rise into the Eastern sky.


Sensual flutes and wind instruments form an undulating rhythm of ecstasy.

And The Grass Grows By Itself

Deep resonant bass sounds, chimes, harp and sitar join voices to tell an ancient story. I couldn't help but feel that this song was a children's story told by an elder--a story conveying the idea that life unfolds in it's own time, in it's own perfect way. A song of lightness, optimism, and hope, I could almost see the other members of the tribe coming forward to tell their own unique part of the story.

Ancient Wisdom

Ethereal sounds set the tone, while the mood is reverent and circumspect.

This calming, refreshing CD is a beautiful way to enter a meditative state. The careful orchestration creates space for thoughts to flow away, and for the quiet inner Self--the true Self--to emerge. I could tell my son was touched by this CD, so I believe it could be very helpful for parents and teachers who work with children. In fact, I think it would be a soothing CD for children with an ADD/ADHD or Autistic diagnosis, as well as the Indigo and Crystal children.

Also, bodyworkers and energy workers will enjoy this CD as background music for their healing efforts. For me, I love it because it's calming and soothing--a very Zen CD that invokes a very Zen mood. Highly recommended! Click here to listen to samples of this CD from

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