Celtic Astrology - Phyllis Vega
“According to Druid teaching, which is thought to reach back to 500 B.C.E., each tree contains a dryad or magical tree spirit. Celtic Astrology, based on the mystical tree calendar in which the tree dryads represent the nature in human beings, will help you gain new understanding of yourself and others.” –From the book

Celtic Astrology is a 13-sign Zodiac where each month is represented by a tree sign. People born during the days ruled by a specific tree tend to exhibit characteristics associated with that tree. In her book, Celtic Astrology – How the Mystical Power of the Druid Tree Signs Can Transform Your Life, astrologer Phyllis Vega provides a comprehensive analysis of each tree sign and the Nameless Day of the Celtic calendar, as well as each sun sing of the traditional Zodiac.

The Celtic tree signs are as follows:

Birch: December 24 – January 20
Rowan: January 21 – February 17
Ash: February 18 – March 17
Alder: March 18 – April 14
Willow: April 15 – May 12
Hawthorn: May 13 – June 9
Oak: June 10 – July 7
Holly: July 8 – August 4
Hazel: August 5 – September 1
Vine: September 2 – September 29
Ivy: September 30 – October 27, 2004
Reed: October 26 – November 24
Elder: November 25 – December 22
Nameless Day: December 23

In this book, the tree sign analysis includes:

*Ogham alphabet letter
*ruling deity
*indepth analysis of the tree itself
*character and personality traits of those born under its influence

The sun sign analysis includes:

*key phrases
*brief outline of personality and character traits

As if that weren’t enough, Celtic Astrology also features tree sign/sun sign combinations including an exercise, project, spell, game, visualization, or meditation specifically created for each tree sign/sun sign combination. Black and white photographs and illustrations are peppered throughout the book, and there is an extensive bibliography and internet resource section for further reading.

Both my husband and I are Scorpios, but his House placements are different from mine, as well as his Ascendant. I’ve often wondered “How in the world can he be a Scorpio?” He lacks the intensity, curiosity, and interest in transformation that seems so prominent in my psyche. When I read Celtic Astrology, I began to understand some of the differences between us. I am Reed/Scorpio, but he is an Ivy/Scorpio. His temperament is conciliatory, artistic, and creative—and indeed, he’s a very talented acrylic painter. I, on the other hand, am forceful, independent, uncompromising, and complex. Bearing an indomitable spirit, I am a survivor.

Vega’s deft interpretation of Celtic myths and heroes—as well as the traits of the individual trees themselves—provides additional insight into the differences of individuals born under the same sun sign (as is the case with my husband and myself). This delightful book requires no previous knowledge of astrology, but the additional information of the Druidic tree signs enhances traditional sun sign interpretation. Celtic Astrology is a great book for those wanting to expand their astrological knowledge, as well as those interested in Celtic mythology, Druidism, and the tree signs.

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