Celtic Woman - A Christmas Celebration
I have over 40 Christmas CDs and around a dozen Christmas cassettes (remember those?), and every year, I buy a few more to add to my collection.

I was in the store debating on which Christmas CD to get, and I kept going back to Celtic Woman: A Christmas Celebration. I saw a TV for it, but I wasn't all that familiar with this group of women.

I finally decided to buy it, and I'm very glad I did! We've been in the throes of the "holiday season" since before Thanksgiving (my son and I are such kids!), and I find myself reaching for Celtic Woman: A Christmas Celebration more than any other! In fact, I just got done listening to it as I was typing up some reviews.

It's a very calming CD, but not saccharine or forced. The singing is at times lilting and playful, but not obnoxiously operatic in the least. There's a subtle Irish flavor to the music, but it's NOT like listening to a Riverdance soundtrack.

Carol of the Bells is one of my absolute favorite Christmas songs and, to tell you the truth, seeing that it was on this CD cinched my purchase. Lovely soft violin and ethereal choral singing that swell to a rousing (but, again, not obnoxious) culmination--beautiful! This is testament to GREAT sound mixing, not just wonderful performances by the ladies. (I use to run/mix sound for recording, so I have an hear for that kind of thing.

Some mixes have one instrument too loud and insistent or perhaps the voices are overpowering--not this CD. Everything is a perfect mix.) Other songs, like Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas, are vocally driven, with beautiful harmonies that don't sound sappy or artificial like some CD's out there.

I can't see how anyone would be disappointed with this lovely CD. I enjoy hearing traditional favorites, as well as holiday songs unfamiliar to me. I play it while reading, relaxing, cooking, writing--well, you get the picture!

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